The holiday season is often a whirlwind. Sometimes we get so caught up in it that we vow to ourselves as soon as the new year is here we're going to be "better." We're going to make drastic changes.

Sure, sometimes that works and sometimes it's good. But we don't have to go into the new year with a long list of resolutions for it to be a good year.

There are many different ways to start the new year that will have a positive impact.

1. With a smile

Smiling can actually boost your immune system and your physical health, as well as allowing you to live up to seven years longer, according to Benefits Bridge.

How's that for that "get healthy" resolution, huh? Start the year off with a smile!

2. With family

I know the holidays are jampacked with family time. Some love that and for others it can be too much. But your family are the ones who are always there for you.

You'll have the memories of New Years celebrations for years to come! And it's a fun way to start new family traditions.

3. With your dog

Your dog is going to need someone to protect him from the loud firework noise. And if he can't hear that, he'll be so excited that everyone else is so excited that he just adds to the celebration.

4. By praying

I know a few families who start the new year off by praying together as a family. I think that is a really cool tradition to keep God in the center of the new year you're entering in.

5. With friends

Nothing beats ringing in the new year with your closest friends. It doesn't have to be a big party to be special or memorable.

6. In your PJs

Not going to lie, that's how I started 2019 (and it was wonderful). Getting dressed up is fun and all, but are you really comfortable?

Pajamas are the best way to start your new year because you're already comfy and cozy as the new year starts. What a good way to begin something.

7. With a kiss

Of course, this had to make the list. It's cheesy and cliche, but we love a good New Years kiss.

Ringing in the new year with the person you love is very special. I believe that the kiss is special with it.

You do not need a resolution to start your new year off well. There are small, subtle things you can do to get it off to a good start from the time the clock strikes midnight!