Just recently, I went to a showing for a movie called Shooting Clerks at the Brightside Tavern in Jersey City, New Jersey. The film was a biographical drama about, as one might be able to tell from the title, the creation of Kevin Smith’s famous first film, Clerks. And wouldn’t you know it, the actor who played Dante Hicks in Smith’s monumental work, Brian O’Halloran, was there! I expected to see at least one of the actors from Clerks there, so I came prepared: I brought my special edition tenth anniversary copy of Clerks and some Sharpie markers.

So, my dad and my brother pointed Mr. O’Halloran out to me from across the room, and I was suddenly so excited. I could hardly believe it. I was about to meet Dante Hicks, and he was actually supposed to be there that day! I waited for him to finish eating his food and then went over to him. I started talking to him, and he immediately started messing with me (jokingly, of course), so I went extremely pale. Then he stopped and agreed to sign my copy. We asked if he could take a picture with us, and he agreed. Look below to see how awesome my night was.

From there, my night was pretty darn great. We got to meet the creators of Shooting Clerks, all of whom were super cool people. But my reason for telling that story is to tell you that celebrities like Brian O’Halloran are just like us. They’re human. He saw me come up to him, gave me a bit of a ribbing and was really nice to us. You honestly don’t hear enough stories about this kind of thing.

There are, of course, celebrities who have let fame get to their head. But people do look up at these people like they’re so far above us and such. They’re human, and more people need to realize that. If I were celebrity, I’d definitely want people to know that I’m not some “larger-than-life” kind of guy—I’d want them to see me as a human, just like everyone else. I think walking up to celebrities should be much easier to the average Joe than it really is, because it’s honestly really simple: walk up, say hi, ask for a picture or autograph and there you go! Easy, right? In my experience, the more relaxed a fan is when they meet a celebrity, the more enjoyable the meeting is. So, don’t be afraid, since all you really need to do is act human. Because, let’s be honest: we’re all really the same!