Say What You Want About Starbucks And Their Expensive Drinks, At Least They Give A Crap About People

Say What You Want About Starbucks And Their Expensive Drinks, At Least They Give A Crap About People

Everyone can learn from Starbucks and follow in its footsteps.


Lately, there have been so many things going on in the world. We have had a lot more discrimination between races and persons with disabilities. There has also been more realization of how bad plastic is for the world, so people have been trying to do something about that, especially Starbucks.

About a year ago, there was an incident at one of the Starbucks stores in the U.S. that dealt with discrimination. I'm sure most of you have heard of it but if you have not then here it is. There were two black men who were sitting in the store waiting for a business associate to join them. He wanted to wait to order his drinks so they all order together so he did not buy anything yet. There was an employee who thought that looked suspicious so they called the police on the man. The police came and asked the man to leave and when he would not leave they arrested him immediately. This lead to a huge debate on whether this was okay or not: it was not. The way Starbucks handled this was the best thing they could possibly do. They apologized on live television and then a few weeks later they decided to close a bunch of their stores for one day so they can talk to all the employees about racial-bias training. They need to do this with any company that has this sort of issue arise.

One of the biggest problems in the entire world is dealing with plastic. There is so much plastic in the oceans that kill the animals that live there which could eventually lead to extinction. Nobody makes sure they throw the plastic in the recycling bin so it usually goes into the trash which ends up in the ocean eventually. One of the recent things that Starbucks has decided to do is ban plastic straws by replacing them with a better environmentally-friendly straw. The thing is that they may not help the environment too much, but it is still a step into the right direction because we know some businesses do care about the oceans and at least try to help it. Eventually, they may find a type of straw that is entirely environmentally-friendly and will not pollute the oceans or earth in general.

A little over a week ago, news had just come out about Starbucks starting their very first sign-language store in Washington, D.C. This store is going to open up right by a University that is the only university in the world for deaf students. There are many businesses and corporations that are starting to get more disabled people involved in the working force. We all want everyone to have equal opportunity in the work-force and this is the beginning of that. Having people create jobs for the disabled makes anyone feel like they are being treated the same as everyone else. The store will be employed with only people who are fluent in sign language. They are going to have the hand gestures on the menu board so that anyone will be able to order even if they do not know too much sign-language. This is going to be the start of something new in the world.

The fact that Starbucks is doing so much to help the world is amazing. They need to continue to evoke this positive change and get other people and companies involved. Every corporation needs to start following in Starbucks' footsteps by caring about other people and the earth more.

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12 Starbucks Iced Drinks You NEED In Your Life This Summer

Must-try beverages brought to you by your local barista.

Be kind to your baristas, they can make you some pretty great drinks. With the temperature rising and the days getting longer, it's approaching the time to find your summer staple to keep you cool (and caffeinated) over the next few months.

Starbucks offers a wide variety of cold beverages that really hit the spot during the summer months, from espresso drinks to fraps, smoothies, teas and refreshers. As a Starbucks barista, I've had the opportunity to taste most drinks on the menu and receive feedback from customers on the do's and don'ts of cold beverages.

While this is not an exhaustive list, I pulled together some of my favorites to give you, the "Ultimate Starbucks Iced Beverage Bucket List for 2017" that you MUST try this season:

1. Pink Drink

Three words: Basic white girl. If you want a photogenic drink that tastes like a Starburst and makes baristas happy, the Pink Drink is for you. It's a pretty simple beverage... this Strawberry Acai Refresher combined with Coconutmilk is sure to satisfy your hipster needs.

2. Iced White Mocha

This sinfully sweet iced espresso drink is not only one of the most popular beverages on the menu, but sure to wake you up at any time of day. Jazz it up by asking for half white chocolate, half mocha sauce, topped with a mocha drizzle, and you've got yourself an Iced Tuxedo Mocha!

3. Doubleshot on Ice

If nothing else, this quick pick-me-up looks classy while giving you the energy boost you need to get through the day. With two shots of espresso, a bit of milk and classic syrup, this drink is easy to enjoy in little time... it's like a caffeine I.V.!

4. Iced Caramel Machiatto

Surprise, surprise... Caramel Machiattos are actually made with vanilla syrup. Nonetheless, these espresso-topped beverages are absolutely delicious at any time of year, but summer calls for ice! Want to change things up? Ask your barista to make it with half vanilla syrup, half toffee nut syrup to make an Iced Salted Caramel Machiatto!

5. Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher

A sister to the Pink Drink, the Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher is a fruit juice-blackberry combo that makes for a pretty chilled beverage to enjoy on the go. The caffeine content is minimal, making it a great option for any time of day.

6. Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Cold Brew is basically Starbucks' version of a smoother-tasting iced coffee with more caffeine. The Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew is a standard drink topped with vanilla-flavored heavy cream to create a sweet taste and a marbled appearance in the beverage. Want something with flavor, but not in the mood for vanilla? Try the Toasted Coconut Cold Brew!

7. Mango Black Tea Lemonade

The Mango Black Tea Lemonade is one of the most popular drinks on the menu. Iced Teavana tea mixed with mango syrup and lemonade makes for the perfect combination

8. Iced Chai Tea Latte

Iced Chais - sound so sophisticated, yet so simple to make. If you order this drink, there is a 10/10 chance that your barista will love you for it. Milk mixed with a sweet and spicy chai syrup makes for a classy drink that can be enjoyed at any time of day.

9. Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Machiatto

The identifying characteristic that makes a macchiato, well, a macchiato is that the espresso shots are poured on top of the milk and flavoring. Starbucks' Iced Cinnamon Almondmilk Machiatto is a combination of cinnamon dolce syrup and almondmilk topped with espresso shots, a caramel drizzle and a cinnamon dolce topping to create a delicious dairy-free option in the macchiato family.

10. Sunset Refresher

This secret menu drink is fairly simple to make with a cool lime base, lemonade, lime slices, and ice topped with black tea. When finished, the drink will have an ombré appearance that makes it totally picture-worthy!

11. Iced Caffè Americano

Calling all espresso lovers: Americanos are a Starbucks signature. The drink itself is pretty simple - espresso and water topped with ice, but if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can mix things up with a flavored syrup. This drink is sure to wake you right up, no matter the time of day.

12. Strawberry Lemonade

Want something cold but not feeling coffee or a frap? Frozen Strawberry Lemonade is definitely worth a try! While this drink is not on the menu, most baristas are happy to make it upon request. Just ask for a combination of strawberry flavoring, lemonade, and ice blended together for a slushie-like beverage!

Cover Image Credit: FoodBeast

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Educational Inequality In College Still Exist And It Isn't Fair

Who told me college would be the best four years of my life?


Growing up, I have always known that I was a victim of educational inequality to some extent, but it was not until I was applying for college that I realized how much of a victim I truly was.

Educational inequality is the unequal distribution of academic resources such as school finances, quality teachers, books, technologies, and the list goes on, to socially excluded communities. If you were a victim of educational inequality and marginalization, it merely means that at one point you were at a disadvantage and it can and will persist in college.

Children are disadvantaged due to their parents' class, finances, education demographics and much more all before they are even in kindergarten. Often, children who start behind are unable to make up the ground they lost and stay behind in life.

Although I was fortunate enough to make up the ground that was taken from me, you could still say that I am behind in some areas. Children who are financially disadvantaged are unable to obtain resources to help make up lost ground, take the SAT, apply for college, or even attend college at all while other children are disadvantaged due to lack of information offered to them.

Nonetheless, it is evident that there is a severe issue with educational inequality and marginalization in the US.

The naïve 18-year-old me thought I was going to escape that bias that I have been facing the entire duration of my academic career once it was time to go to college and boy, was I wrong. Even though there has been an increase in access to higher education, studies have still shown that students from disadvantaged or non-academic family backgrounds are still being underrepresented in colleges.

Disadvantaged students are being underrepresented in colleges for several reasons, but one of the driving factors is the lack of knowledge and information that I mentioned previously.

Studies have shown that supplying the basic information to disadvantaged students could increase the number of these students applying to more colleges substantially. Not only are the students being underrepresented in college, but continue to be disadvantaged when attending colleges that perpetuate class divides.

When you think about the reason we go to college, it is to even out the playing field. Attending college is suppose to lead to equal opportunities but it cannot if these selective or "top tier" colleges are purposely not reaching out to disadvantaged students. Instead, colleges are only reinforcing social inequalities and educational inequality, keeping those who are behind, behind. These disadvantaged students who do continue their education in colleges are still not offered the same college experience as those who have not faced educational inequality.

Children are currently being limited to lesser educations at no fault of their own, for several reasons. We should all care about educational inequality and marginalization because children deserve a chance to be the best version of themselves.

We college students deserve an opportunity to learn and get ahead in life without fear of student loan debt or anything else of that matter.

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