Starbucks Lattes Drink Guide
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Starbucks Lattes Drink Guide

Here is the Starbucks Drink Lattes Guide

Starbucks Lattes Drink Guide

I've worked as a Starbucks barista for more than ten years, and I like educating anybody who will listen about coffee. I work as a barista full-time and I adore it. I'm going to respond to a few inquiries I get daily concerning Starbucks' latte-making process. A latte is by definition made up of steamed milk, milk froth, and espresso shots. In addition to its components, a latte differs from other espresso-based drinks in how it is put together. Starbucks uses a unique process and ingredients.

The Basic Starbucks Latte Recipe

Espresso, steamed milk, and milk froth are the ingredients that make up a hot latte. Unless the client specifies otherwise, Starbucks baristas use 2 percent reduced fat milk.

Milk is aerated during the steaming process to give it the rich, creamy texture that all latte lovers are familiar with and like. The milk really tastes a little bit sweeter after the aerating procedure. This procedure yields foam, which has a peculiar texture that people either love or detest. It's well called, is the best way I can put it. Well, it's frothy.
Shots of espresso are immediately poured into the cup by a Starbucks barista to create a latte.The steaming milk is next added, and finally, a teaspoon of foam is placed on top. The heated milk and espresso combine entirely, and the froth decorates the top.

The same is true with an iced latte. Simply simply, ice replaces foam and cold milk takes the place of hot milk. A scoop of ice is added to the beverage after a few shots of espresso have been poured into the cup. Cold milk has also been added. Since the milk is not heated, a simple iced latte may not be quite as creamy or sweet as a hot one. Unless another kind is specified, baristas use 2 percent low fat milk.

Iced lattes from Starbucks are consistently made thanks to the lines on the cups. Your barista pours milk up to the top line of the cup after the shots have been poured, and then adds ice to cover the remaining space. When you request light ice, they will reduce the quantity of ice and increase the amount of milk.

How Many Espresso Shots in a Starbucks Latte?

SizeShots of Espresso

Short - hot only (8oz)


Tall (12oz)


Grande (16oz)


Venti - hot (20oz)


Venti - iced (24oz)


How Much Syrup in a Flavored Starbucks Latte?

SizePumps of Syrup

Short (hot only, 8oz)


Tall (12oz)


Grande (16oz)


Venti (hot, 20oz)


Venti (iced, 24oz)


A pump of flavoring syrup is 1/4 oz. A pump of flavoring sauce is 1/2 oz.

The Flavors

While the table above shows the standard amount of syrup for each drink size, baristas can adjust the amount upon request. Flavors can also be mixed. For instance, Starbucks doesn't actually offer a French vanilla flavor, but baristas can make it by mixing vanilla and hazelnut syrups.

Here are the syrup flavors that Starbucks offers:

  • vanilla (available sugar-free)
  • caramel (available sugar-free)
  • cinnamon dolce (available sugar-free)
  • hazelnut (available sugar-free)
  • toffee nut
  • peppermint (available sugar-free seasonally)
  • raspberry
  • classic (a mixture of sugar and water also called simple syrup)

Starbucks' Latte Menu

Name of DrinkWhat Makes it Special

Caffe Latte

The basic latte. Order a latte or a caffe latte—either way your barista will prepare you the same delicious drink.

Flavored Latte

The same as a caffe latte but with any of the flavored syrups listed above.

Skinny Flavored Latte

Made with nonfat milk and sugar-free syrup.

Vanilla Latte

The most popular flavored latte.

Cinnamon Dolce Latte

A basic latte with Cinnamon Dolce syrup, whipped cream, and Dolce sprinkles.

Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte

The same drink as above but with skim milk and sugar-free syrup. Let your barista know whether you want the Dolce sprinkles or plain cinnamon.

Customize Your Starbucks Latte

In addition to asking for as many espresso shots as you like, you can request any of the above types of milk, specify how much foam, and even ask your barista to mix your sweetener in for you.



No foam at all




Light foam




Heavy foam (or consider a cappuccino!)

Sweet 'n Low




As many shots as you like!

Breve (1/2 & 1/2)

Sugar in the Raw (Turbinado)

Heavy Cream


Vanilla Soy

Eggnog (seasonal)

Also, Nowadays there is upcoming viral fake news that is arising that there is some new flavor in Starbucks. This new flavor is picking too much hype due to its sea blue color. The under the sea refresher Starbucks flavor does not exist in Starbucks. It's just a rumor. As shown by those who really did try it though, the "Under the Sea Refresher" doesn't actually exist. The order is actually a trick so successful, that it could have been thought up by Ashton Kutcher and MTV, as TikTok users find themselves embarrassed after trying to order the concoction.

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