Why People Didn't Like 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

Why People Didn't Like 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi'

My point of the view of the film.

o Star Wars: The Last Jedi just came out and already, people are raving about it. When the film came out, it was rated 93% on Rotten Tomatoes and eventually became the lowest rating Star Wars film on the website after a few days since its theatrical release.

Trust me, I am not a popular critic nor care about Rotten Tomatoes as a whole, but as a fan of Star Wars, I feel as if I was able to understand why people were torn about this film. Before I begin my five point rant, this is a SPOILER discussion. So you have been warned. Here is my thoughts on Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The Story of the Last Jedi.

Let's take a step back and reevaluate what the film was about. What WAS the Last Jedi even about? Well you have the Resistance trying to flee from the First Order. Meanwhile, Rey finds Luke Skywalker and wants to find the meaning of her existence. While that is going on, Finn wakes up from his paralysis and befriends a minor character, in which they venture off into another planet to find a hacker?

Think harder about the plot for a minute and you have the exact last movie, just less characters. I believe that the marketing of the film was great, but the end result of the plot was just bland. After watching the film, it came off as a filler more as a continuation of the story. If you put this film together with the last film, it should just be one big film rather than two movies.

The Villains: Snoke and Phasma.

By far, utter trash. Now this actually made me mad due to strategic marketing on Disney part. I don’t understand how you make two bad ass characters in the universe and kill them both off like that. Man I thought Snoke was a bad*ss in Force Awakens by how little of a impact he made when on screen.

You become invested in his character because no one knows who he is, what his main motive is, and how he met Luke and Kylo Ren.

In Last Jedi, we get a glimpse of who he is but we don’t get his backstory and what his real motives are (other than eliminate the Resistance). He was indeed a void character.

Unless J.J. Abrams bring him back for episode 9, his only motive was to promote Kylo Ren. It was a much let down. Now Captain Phasma, good Lord. Talk about marketing, her character didn’t even need to be in the movie. Supposedly in comic books, Captain Phasma is like an OG. She is an equipped general and is very malicious. But nope, just gets wiped out by Finn, who is not even on her level.

What happens to her? She falls through the floor. They should have either hinted at their fight for the next movie or have had a meaningful fight in the movie that just didn’t feel forced. These two were very disappointing in the movie for me so I can see why people disliked the movie because of this very reason.

A forced love connection and of the force.

The Finn and Rose thing was utterly unnecessary. The whole story between Finn and Rose felt like a mini plot. Their whole subplot was not necessary. I didn’t understand the whole connection between them. It’s like I get it, but I don’t. The whole rich vs poor comparison is already known in Star Wars, without it being known. That’s why we have Episode 4,5,6 and the prequels for. It was extremely forced and just didn’t make sense. Rose was a new character but her ideal role for the film was shocking Finn. Finn really didn’t really have no point in the film EXCEPT to sacrifice himself.

But we live in a world where we can’t have nice things, and Rose actually interferes and crashes his ship before he could do so. I didn’t understand why she did that. I could understand IF she pushed his ship out the way and did it herself, then we have a different story. I feel as if they downsized Finn's character in this movie.

You have a First Order turned Resistance fighter whose trying to do the best he can, fights off Kylo and gets badly injured in the Force Awakens, then have him pretty much go from this high peak character to going to this random planet to find this hacker. Whoever wrote him into this film didn’t do a good job pacing him out like this. If you are a Star Wars fan already, you already know that some of the rich elites are indeed bad people. We don’t need to have a regurgitation of it.

Capitalism and Feminism in Star Wars.

Whoever wrote the layout of this film needs to be fired. There is a whole good chunked of the movie where Finn and Rose goes to this planet to find this “person” and right off the back, you can see people and creatures wearing fancy clothing gambling. In my opinion, It was clearly obvious that the people who were gambling were not’ “good” people.

The fact that Rose character said that the people on this planet are really bad and give weapons to both good and bad guys irritated me. This is when I began to think of Disney incorporating political / present day ideas into Star Wars. The whole rich vs the poor is throughout almost every other Star Wars movie, but without anyone pointing it out. Its as if the writers went out there way in this film to point out that it’s about rich and poor, which bugged me. Laura Dern plays Vice Admiral Holdo in the Last Jedi.

It was quite clear that her character was very feminist due to her telling Poe that she basically know how his type is, and what type of people she dislikes. Her role was extremely feminist, but without saying feminism. I don’t have a problem with Feminism, but don’t throw the idea down the audience's throat. Star Wars can be both those ideas but without pushing that same idea too hard.

A different Star Wars movie.

Alot of movie critics, fans, and even friends of mine are torn up about this film. Some say its Rian Johnsons best movie while other people are saying that it’s the worst Star Wars made ever. Some people are even preferring the Phantom Menace over the Last Jedi. Off the start this film felt very different than any other Star Wars film, including Rogue One. The movie didn’t have that “theme” of any Star Wars film.

Usually, I am excited to see Star Wars rather this time I went because I already bought tickets a month prior. Just even watching and seeing the set up for how episode 9 is going to be, it felt as if this movie was closing the door of the franchise rather opening it. I guess we have to wait until 2019 to see where J.J. Abrams takes the franchise. Other than that, the movie was 50/50 for me.

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Cover Image Credit: Warner Bros Pictures

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Baylor Vs. The World: Part 1

Baylor vs. the world: Part 1—Writer's block


I cannot tell you how many times I have sat down to write this article.

I cannot tell you how hard it was to come up with something to write, how many ideas got a sentence before being thrown into the void. I'm currently spitting words onto a keyboard, clawing for some notion, some brilliant bubble of content to explode in my brain and come to life on the screen of this iPad. I want to write about ignorance and world change. I want to analyze, to put poetry to the page. I want to write so bad. But I'm out of practice.

So that's what I'm writing about: the day I decided to yank myself out of practice.

Writing is and always will be my first love. So, the first stop at OU was Gaylord. My first year in college was nothing but writing. A journalism major's life, especially during year one, is to wake up, write, go to class, write, eat, write, operate a camera for an upperclassman, write, sleep, repeat. Even when you're in front of the camera, you spend more time writing to prepare for the piece than you do performing. I loved it. I thrived. I was good at it, like really good. I don't want to toot my own horn or anything, but I will. I'd be a great journalist. I made friends for life. I had no reason to be unfulfilled with the path I had chosen.

But I was.

My life was objectively the best that it had ever been, but there was a hole in my heart. I was doing something I loved, not what I was made to do. They aren't always the same thing. I thought, meditated, prayed to God for guidance. I got sadder by the day, longing for a passion that I had laid to rest: performance.

While writing is my first love, acting is my true love. I was never anything special. I was one of the better actors in my high school, but I wasn't even the best in my graduating class. I just happened to not have stage fright and could project. I was a hobby actor that just played myself. So when I began to tell people I was considering auditioning for OU's School of Drama, it was not met with positivity. Everyone told me to pick a more realistic way, to stick with journalism. I'm better at it, it pays more, and it isn't nearly as competitive. Everyone said that, except for one person.

My dad is the most down-to-earth human I know. Travis Hurst does not have his head in the clouds, nor will he tolerate the foolish idea of a person being able to literally put their head in clouds. So I was floored when he of all people supported me. I remember the words vividly.

"Baylor, I went to college and worked nonstop. I went to college for a job. Don't do that. Go to college for a purpose, your purpose. Love your time there. Don't be another guy who doesn't pursue fulfillment."

I still get all choked up thinking about those words. They were incredibly wise and exactly what I needed to hear.

From there, it was over. I called and set up an audition, told my friends my plans, memorized my monologues, and had the best audition I have had to this point. I walked out sure of myself. I got the call. I made it.

Since then, I've been fulfilling my purpose: acting. I have learned more in these last couple of months at the OU School of Drama than I have in my entire life. For the first time in a long time, I feel peace.

I am so happy.

I stared at that sentence for ten seconds. It's just odd to see, I suppose. Living in your purpose changes things.

But as I've said, writing will always be my first love. I will never stop. That's why I still create podcasts and write sketches. It's why I dove headfirst into writing for Odyssey with minimal research. It's why I waited so long to finish writing this and am submitting a week late. What kind of person is late on their first submission? I just couldn't bring anything but my A-game for this first article. Apologies to the editors.

Baylor vs. The World is a working title by the way. I don't know if I like it. But in this installment of Baylor vs. Writer's Block? I took 'em to the cleaners. Baylor's back, baby.

That was cringey. I need to end this.

Alright, bye now.


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