My Analysis Of The "Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil": Season Three Part B "The Trial Of The Century" Promo

My Analysis Of The "Star Vs. The Forces Of Evil": Season Three Part B "The Trial Of The Century" Promo

Get ready for the very “Trial of the Century”!

Spoiler warning for reader: Please be aware of the spoilers that await you. This article contains information in regards to the second half of the third season of “Star vs. the Forces of Evil,” including “The Battle for Mewni” two-hour movie special, and is meant to give my own thoughts, ideas, and possible theories based on this information as well as the previous material that’s presented as canon to the series as a whole, which can refer to the show itself as well as its published book entitled, "Star and Marco’s Guide to Mastering Every Dimension." If you haven’t seen any previous content of this show, I suggest that you leave the remainder of this article unread, as it’s only directed towards fans of the show and its canon.

Guess what, “Star vs.” fans? Just recently, Disney XD released another promo called “The Trial of the Century,” and despite having already written my article for the week literally a few hours before catching this promo, I decided to take the time to analyze this new piece of Star vs. content! Without further ado, let’s get to: “The Trial of the Century”!

So, it starts off with some narration: “On an all-new Star…”

The scene opens with Eclipsa at the stand, facing the Magic High Commission with Moon at the center. Moon starts speaking: “We are gathered here today with the trial of Eclipsa.” While she speaks, Star peers out from her side, curious as to how the ordeal will unfold. Then, we get a replay of the clip of Eclipsa in her red coat.

The Trial of the Century” (the only title card)

We then see Hekapoo with Omnitraxis, who is projected once again on his crystal ball, both looking somewhat smug, likely confident that Eclipsa is going to lose. Moon is shown with a stack of papers in front of her, labelled “Evidence,” and continues speaking: “If she is found guilty, the punishment will be–” Rhombulus, shown sitting next to a picture of the late Lekmet, cuts in by adding “Death!”

Moon silences him by saying, “Rhombulus, we talked about this,” and points. He says, “We crystallized her last time. Look how that turned out.” We then see Eclipsa, looking slightly stunned at this, probably wondering what the punishment is going to be if not recrystallization.

Then it cuts to Star, who says in a show-off-like manner, “How was it all y’all’s faces when you realize how wrong you were?” She is likely talking to the High Commission though we only see Hekapoo, who is not looking too pleased. Great grammar, Star…

Moon repeats what we previously heard her say in the last promo, “Eclipsa, are you sorry for what you’ve done?” Although this time, we don’t hear Eclipsa’s response, which, in the last promo, was, “No, I’m not.”

The box of truth rises up into the air, yelling out, “Prepare for judgment!” It then reveals a diamond-shaped eye, which points a light in the direction of not Eclipsa but the Magic High Commission. This heavily implies that Eclipsa isn’t going to be the only one examined for this case. Every member on the Commission gasps, and Moon whispers, “No!”

Then, we get the title card with the narrator stating the date and time of the premiere of the new “Star vs.” episodes (Saturday, March third at 11:00.) And finally, we see Ludo’s family’s house (the Avarius family) with a stack of papers resting on a box on the front porch and the a loose plank on the door opening to reveal a pair of eyes through the slit, likely either Ludo’s father (much like the way he did back in “Face the Music” when Moon came to ask Ludo’s parents about the missing spell book) or his brother Dennis (who helped Moon find Ludo’s hide-out at the monster temple.)

Wow, I was not expecting this! This is most likely from “Ludo, Where Art Thou?” in which someone, maybe either Star or Moon, goes to his family’s residence, delivering some paperwork in regards to the well-being of their son, whether if he’s still in the void or has escaped somehow and is causing some sort of mischief.

Anyway, that’s all I got for this promo analysis! As of the time writing this, it is only hours away from the season three part B premiere. I miss “Star vs.” so much!! I mainly wanted to get this piece out sometime before my reaction articles for the new episodes come out, so this seems like the best time to do just that! Get ready for the very “Trial of the Century”! It’s just a matter of time…

Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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5 Surprising Ways You Can Give Back To The Public School System

Who knew there was a perk to playing the lottery?


Funding for the public school system has been a hot topic recently. In many different states, teachers have been taking to the streets to protest budget cuts and a lack of raises over the past few years.

Even if you don't have children in the school system or aren't in school yourself, what can you do to give back to the public school system, other than just donating money? Here are five ideas.

1. Sponsor a teacher

Stipends from the school board don't go very far when you have to buy supplies for a classroom of 30. Most teachers report spending an average of $480 every school year out of their own pockets for supplies alone.

Why not sponsor a local teacher? Whether they need money, school supplies, snacks for their classroom or whatever else comes to mind, providing support for a teacher can give at least one educator in your local school district some piece of mind, at least when it comes to their classroom.

Programs like Adopt-A-Classroom make it easy to do this.

2. Volunteer

Even if you don't have a child in the school system or a degree in teaching, chances are that your local school could use your help anyway.

Volunteers can help by chaperoning field trips, coaching sports teams, or signing up to be a crossing guard or bus assistant.

It isn't a job, so it's not something you can get paid to do, but it will let you give back to the school system without spending any money. Depending on your school district, you will probably need to be fingerprinted and undergo a background check.

3. Play the lottery

This will depend on your state, but most states earmark some or all of their state lottery earnings for the state's public school system. If your state is one of these, all you have to do to support the local school system is to play the lottery.

The state of Virginia, for example, has generated more than $500 million in proceeds for its school system every year for the last five years.

4. Shop with supporting companies

Some of the biggest companies in the world care about more than just their bottom line and are happy to throw some of their considerable weight behind public school systems nationwide.

For example, Google Education provides funding grants to schools around the world. Disney donates millions of dollars in books, as well as money for education-based non-profit organizations. Microsoft, via the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, creates grants for K-12 education and works with legislators to create laws that help students succeed.

5. Support local libraries

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Donate to your local libraries — and not just money, either. Books, supplies and even printer ink can all help out and allow their programs to continue.

You don't have to donate money to a local school to support the public school system. Even just donating your time as a volunteer can make a world of difference.

It's up to us to make sure our children have the tools they need to succeed once they become adults — and teachers can't help them do that without supplies, volunteers and funding.

You don't have to empty your bank account to support your local school system. Sometimes, all you need to do is show up.

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