As an English major, I'm no stranger to writing essays. I also spend a fair share of my time procrastinating on writing those. A prime example of this is the fact that I wrote this article 20 minutes before it was due. Whether you write essays weekly, or you have one a semester for a gen-ed class, you know the feeling of waiting until the last possible minute to get it done, and the emotional roller coaster that come along with it.

1. The day you receive the assignment.

When the professor gives it to you at least two weeks in advance, and you think that you have plenty of time to get it done. You put the information sheet about it into the back of your folder and forget about it entirely -- out of sight, out of mind. You'll forget the due date until your teacher reminds the class, and you realize you should totally get started on that some point soon.

2. The week before the paper is due.

You know the due date is approaching but you still hold off because you’re not exactly sure what you want to write. You consider being an over achiever and starting super early, but then you realize you have a life and writing a paper early is not part of that life. You think you have it strategically planned out about when you're going to write the paper but really you're just procrastinating.

3. A few days before the due date.

This is when you’re ready to get a “head start” and write the whole thing in one shot. You’ll probably get through the introduction and maybe even the first paragraph if you’re lucky. It won’t be long until your friends distract you and you abandon your work, after all you still have time.

4. Two days before the paper is due.

Now is when you may start to enter panic mode because it turns out you have a whole book to read on the topic and homework for your other classes. Now you have to choose between studying for a test in one class and writing the dreaded paper. You will most likely end up feeling “overwhelmed” and watch Netflix instead.

5. The day before.

This is when you’re really ready to get started. When you finally get hit with the realization you have 10 pages to write and 24 hours to do it, you tend to feel like the world is ending. Make yourself a cup of coffee and find a quiet place to sit and write. Or use this time wisely to check every social media platform and random website you can find to waste time.

6. The night before.

Please for the love of god have something written at this point. If you have waited until now you’re going to spend more time calculating how much sleep you’ll be able to get instead of writing your damn paper. This is usually the time spent trying to figure out wording for the conclusion because you’ve exhausted your brain by writing the glorious work before you.

7. The morning of.

If you paper isn’t done by now don’t bother getting out of bed. Hopefully the only thing you have left to do at this point is print it out before class. Don’t get excited it’s not as easy as it sounds; in fact this might be the most stressful part. Finding a printer that doesn’t have low ink, a paper jam, and a three-mile long line is a rarity. But, hey, at least you finally go it done! Congrats, you worked hard for this moment!