10 Stages Of Procrastination

If any of you are like me, you know all too well the struggle of waiting too long to complete an important assignment. You thought you had so much time, but all of the sudden the assignment is due and you have nothing to show. The assignment in question may be different each time, but there are a few stages that everyone goes through while procrastinating.

1. Getting the assignment

Ugh, you just got assigned a five-page research essay in writing...BORING. The professor tells you it's due in three weeks, and you smile to yourself. There's so much time...you'll start it eventually.

2. Deciding to start the assignment

The paper goes from being due in three weeks to two weeks to five days to...tomorrow. How did that happen? It's fine, you have the whole day ahead of you and it should only take three to four hours if you focus.

3. Scrolling through all your social media instead

Don't worry, you know the paper is due tomorrow. But you're going to put your phone away right after this, so you deserve a little social media break before you get to hitting the books.

4. I need a snack, though

How are you supposed to finish a whole research paper if the only thing on your mind is the plate of nachos in your fridge right now? Ohhh, they would be sooo good. And it'll make you productive, duh.

5. Opening up Netflix for one quick episode...

You can't finish your plate of nachos if you're not also watching the new episode of "The Bachelor" that aired last night. I mean, it's not every day that Colton loses his virginity or jumps over a fence. You'll start the essay right after this.

6. Or two...or five

So one episode of "The Bachelor" turned into another episode of "The Office" because you can't end the night on a cliffhanger. Oh, and you decided to watch Jim and Pam's wedding episode, so obviously, you have to watch the following two episodes.

7. Cleaning your room

You know that procrastination has gone into full effect when you would rather reorganize your entire room instead of opening up your textbook. It is at this point that you are royally screwed.

8. Freaking out because you still have a full assignment

Oh, the fear that follows when you realize that you have once again successfully procrastinated. At this point, you start telling yourself that nothing matters because your life is over. Screw it, you won't even complete the assignment. Who cares? Not you.

9. Scrambling to finish your work on time

Haha, like you weren't going to do the assignment. You may only have two hours to write a five-page research essay, but if anyone can do it, it's you. At least that's what you try to convince yourself of. It's time to grab that energy drink and ACTUALLY get to work.

10. Telling yourself you'll never procrastinate again

LIES. No matter how many close calls you've had, you'll never change your ways. Just wait until the next assignment to start the cycle again.

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