11 Stages Of Being On Your Period

Let's be real. Periods suck. We hate them, we wish we never had them, and yet we have to endure them. It's always a struggle when that time of the month rolls around, and even though these GIFs won't solve your problems, at least you'll know that you're not alone.

1. That dreaded moment

I don't know how, but it's like women have a sixth sense for when their period is coming. And it's not an "Oh, it should be here today," but more of an "Ah shit! It's here" kind of feeling. Even if it's just a spot, if I feel like I got my period, chances are I'm right.

2. Realizing that you don't have a tampon or pad on you

I always remind myself to keep a pad or tampon on me or in bag, but for some reason, whenever my period rolls around, I can't seem to find either. Here's to all the texts sent to your girls asking them to bring you a tampon to your classroom.


PMS is real, people. If I tell you I have cramps, don't tell me to just ignore it. I am in pain and I don't want to here it. Pass the Advil, please.

4. The cravings

When those cravings hit, it's clipped for my fridge. I will eat anything and everything I see, especially if there's chocolate involved.

5. When someone asks if you're on your period...

There's nothing that angers me more than a guy asking me if I'm on my period simply because I'm emotional. Like okay, yes, I am on my period, but that doesn't give you the right to be presumptive and condescending. Let me deal with my emotions in peace, thank you.

6. Feeling a leak

In the same way that we can feel when our period has arrived, us females know when our period blood has leaked. We don't know the severity of the issue or how we'll handle it, but for now, we need to go to the bathroom.

7. Essentially living in the bathroom

I could write a whole other article solely about period poops. The bathroom is basically the second bedroom during this time of the month, so don't judge me if you see me taking another bathroom break. I need this.

8. Popping Advils like it's my job

Advil, Tylenol, and Midol. I can't leave the house without knowing that I have a full case of one in my bag. You never know when you'll be hit with an unexpected migraine or stomach pain. This is war, ladies, and we need to be prepared.

9. When your period finally ends...

There's no joy like the joy of your period finally being over. After five-ish days, you've made it!

10. ...Only for spotting to continue for a couple days after

You did it... or so you thought. You bust out the pretty panties that have been saved for this occasion, but bam, your uterus decides to hit you with one last blow.

11. When it's ACTUALLY over

Congrats, queen! You did it. Embrace that bad bitch energy now, because the cycle will start again next month.

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