Let's be real. When Villanova won the 2018 NCAA National Championship, most of us Wildcats peaked... In some way, shape, or form. But being Natty Champs comes with a rollercoaster of emotions that last far beyond that final buzzer.

These are the five stages of the basketball season the year after you win it all.

1. Confidence

We're going back to back. The repeat is happening. Dare I say, three times in four years? Yeah, these were definitely said more than once on campus as Hoops Mania and basketball season approached. Confidence is key, right?

2. Excitement

As the season starts everything is so exciting. The home-opener and maybe even the rematch against the team you beat for the title are coming and all you want to do is witness every moment in the student section.

3. Worry

The first loss actually isn't the hardest. It's the next couple that hurt because that's when you realize that some losses aren't flukes and you're reminded that you aren't that same team from last year.

4. Sadness

It can be hard to go from winning the title to thinking you're going all the way back to being unranked. This is when sadness comes in.

5. Pride (in a realist kind of way)

At some point you remember that you still are National Champions and you can't change that. And despite a less exciting season now, there will be another seasons of runs, upsets, and crazy wins.

The most important thing to remember during all of these five stages is something we all learned last year. Once it's March, anything can happen. And if not, there's always next year.