1. Deciding you need a change

You're daily look is getting old, your hair won't cooperate, or you envy the look of someone else. Whatever the reason, you realize that a hair cut has to happen.

2. Finding the "perfect" look...

On someone else and hoping that it will look just as good on you.

Haha, yeah right.

3. Asking everyone for their opinion

Just because you like it, doesn't mean that everyone else will. Plus, you don't want to look ridiculous, so asking those around you for their opinion is crucial.

4. Finally biting the bullet

No looking back now...as your hair falls to the ground and countless thoughts of "Am I making the right decision?" flood into your mind.

5. Realizing you made a mistake

What happened to that style that looked so cute on Pinterest?

There must be some mistake! Cue the crying, hyperventilation and scheming ways to get your hair back.

6. Learning to love it and the new you

The initial surprise has finally worn off and you realize that you love it.

But, in the rare case that you don't, don't worry, it's only hair, it'll grow back.