Finally, the semester has come to end and it's almost time for Christmas break; but, there is one small detail blocking your path to rest and relaxation: stress and final exams. You know it's finals week when these are the stages you go through.

1. Mentally preparing yourself

Starting to study is the hardest thing to do because, let's be honest, it's not just reviewing recent information, it's an entire semester worth of information for every class. That is way too much for my brain to comprehend let alone remember.

2. Realizing you know nothing

Seriously though, I thought I understood what was going on in this class - I guess not. Oops.

3. Opening your textbook for the first time

It's better late than never, right?

4. Plan your snacks

Pizza, pop, and Pringles. Yep, we're good.

5. Mapping out time

Wake up at 8 am.

Wallow in self-pity until 9.

Stare at the book until 10.

Watch Netflix until noon.

Realize you have to study at 12:30 but food is calling.

Actually study from 1-3 only to realize that two hours was enough for one day so back to Netflix it is.

6. Realizing you actually have to study...

Now it's time to get serious because even though C's get degrees you want to do better than that.

7. Only to get side-tracked...

Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or Netflix, perhaps, even all four will get you each and every time.

8. Realizing you need coffee...NOW

Is there such thing as studying without coffee? I don't think so.

9. Getting stressed because the exam is soon

The exam is tomorrow and you've studied maybe a total of three hours and you still know nothing and winging it may not be the best option.

10. Exam day

Well, ready or not...

11. Feeling relieved it's over

Even though you're relieved it's over, a little praying that you pass the class never hurt.

12. Explaining to you parents your grades

Just in case the exam doesn't go the way you hope, it's always good to have a reasonable explanation lined up: "The exam was on material we didn't cover."

13. Seeing that you passed!

Praise the lord! You've made it through another semester, time to relax until the next one...

Happy finals week.

P.S. If there is one bright side to this week: