Stages of Being Back At College As Told By "The Office"

Being back at school and in learning mode can be really difficult. The transition from “summer mode” to “school mode” is such a contrast. Summer is filled with days of relaxation, working, BBQs, no stress, and adventures. The first few weeks back at school and living in tight knit quarters with 600 (or more) people can be VERY overwhelming. There are 12 stages of the transition back to school, and “The Office” sums everything up quite well.

1. Leaving your house

All packed and ready to go. Another year, let’s do this!

2. Driving to school

Three hours of music and being alone with your thoughts. The “perfect” (in the most sarcastic voice ever) way to transition.

3. Pulling into the driveway where you will drop off all of your stuff

Okay, people calm down…I don’t even know you. Why are you cheering?

4. Unpacking everything you packed in your car in to your room

Then you realize all of the things you forgot:

5. Denial

Where am I? Am I in a dream? TAKE ME HOME!

6. Overcoming social anxiety

You have been there less than 24 hours and have avoided everyone. Now it is time to talk to people. You are not ready to face people. Then you face your fear

7. Getting a hug for the first time…

…then you go to mass and get 400 more. Even after 3 years of attending mass at the collegiate level, you’d think my mind would change about receiving hugs…

8. The party with the speakers and party below your room

I need my beauty sleep. Please be respectful of others. Thank you.

9. Going to bed before the first day of school

The mind will not stop. So many questions, anxiety, nervousness, excitement, and other emotions run through a head.

10. Morning of your first class

Yay for classes to start.

11. Getting handed a 42 page syllabus

You have got to be kidding me. Thank you for wasting a tree today.

12. Class vs. Homework vs. Netflix vs. Social Life

What is really the priority? Don't they say C's get degrees? Just kidding, find a happy balance between all 4 things, and don't be in your room all of the time either. Enjoy this time because these are some of the best years of your life.

13. Acceptance

You are in college to learn, grow, and get an education that will eventually lead to a career. Celebrate the independence and this time because 4 years will go by in a flash.

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