StaffScapes, a Denver PEO, Discusses How to Help Your Company Thrive by Building a Positive Corporate Culture
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StaffScapes, a Denver PEO, Discusses How to Help Your Company Thrive by Building a Positive Corporate Culture

Many industries have oversaturated markets that inhabit a high number of competitors

StaffScapes, a Denver PEO, Discusses How to Help Your Company Thrive by Building a Positive Corporate Culture

Many industries have oversaturated markets that inhabit a high number of competitors. The best way to help your company stand out in sea of same is to build a positive corporate environment. Even during hiring processes, stellar company culture can win you a fantastic addition to your team, even when salary is not the most significant benefit. A work atmosphere that embraces positivity can be the difference maker between the feeling of a job versus a passion for a career.

StaffScapes, a PEO that takes on the responsibilities of an organization's HR policies and alleviates administrative burdens for businesses, continues to stay up to date with employment best practices. Building a positive corporate culture is a part of these practices. StaffScapes shares the do's and don'ts below on how to effectively implement an uplifting work environment to achieve a thriving company:

Do: Start building your positive corporate culture by identifying your core values

. Your company's core values should be the platform to your organization's functionality and purpose behind its actions as well as a guide to future goals. If you already have an established business, incorporate all of your employees during this value mapping process. The finalized core values should be those that align with each individual within the company.

Don't: Leave out employees from learning opportunities based on their job title. Create a positive culture through inclusiveness, and provide employees the opportunity to learn. Employees that seek to build skill levels based around their passions will only be beneficial to company production.

Do: Praise employees and leaders for their creativity, ideas, and accomplishments. As the leader of your business, it is essential to recognize the value of your opinion to your employees. Use your value to implant confidence and empowerment in workers when they need it or deserve it. Deliver praise positively and with energy so that your intentions have maximum effects.

Don't: Leave out diversity.

Constructive work cultures embrace diversity. To successfully welcome a positive work environment, avoid hiring for cultural fits. Instead, hire for cultural adds. Cultural fits could fail your cultural transition by creating cookie-cutter employees or employees that all share the same views. A vibrant culture grows in innovation and creativity through diversity. During your hiring process, strive to add on individuals with unique perspectives that embody the company's set core values.

Do: Advocate for active team participation and communication.

When you mold a company culture to be a diverse environment, fostering collaboration and communication can maintain positivity. The more employees practice practical speaking and listening skills together, the more successful they will find conversation when sharing and brainstorming new ideas together from different perspectives.

Don't: Put up with insufficient managers.

StaffScapes recommends that business owners consider letting employees or manager go who manifest toxic behaviors. Managers directly influence employees' work ethic and environment. A great manager can create a passion within the workplace. A people management study reflected that 94% of employees become more ardent about their work performance and tasks when they worked for an eminent manager. The same survey results showed that bad managers influenced 77% of employees to have a desire to leave their present jobs.

About StaffScapes:

StaffScapes is a professional employment organization (PEO) serving small to mid-sized companies in the Denver area and across Colorado since 1996. With over 20 years of experience, you can trust that by turning over your organization's HR responsibilities to StaffScapes, you will relieve your company of unwanted stress and responsibilities. Contact us to set up a consultation or for more information on how StaffScapes can help your business.

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