Spy on iPhone Without Access to The Target Phone Guaranteed
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Spy on iPhone Without Access to The Target Phone Guaranteed


Spy on iPhone Without Access to The Target Phone Guaranteed


Are you concerned and interested in finding out more about what is going on with the cell phone activities of your children, spouse or employees? How easy is it to monitor someone's cell phone activities without touching their device? Hackraptor gives you the opportunity to spy on a cell phone in real time. Hackraptor contact email - hire@hackraptor.com.

Technological changes and evolution have brought about innovative spy software/app developers. Using the right iPhone monitoring app like Hackraptor, you are guaranteed to easily spy on any iPhone, target iOS device and even android phones without having any physical access to it. There are a broad range of legit reasons why you could be interested in using a spy phone app.

How Do Spy Apps for iPhone Without Target Phones Work?

Hackraptor cell phone spy app is very useful in performing smartphone surveillance. It can help you track the target activities of the person’s device. The easiest way to use a spy app is to have physical access to the device you want to spy on. However, there is another reliable way to spy on an iPhone, Android or iOS device remotely - You can hire a cell phone hacker for an iPhone or android hack.

Apple’s iCloud backups for all iPhones is very helpful in spying on iPhones without jailbreaking it, and by using phone number or Apple ID and password. Because it is a cloud storage service, using a dependable iPhone spy app like Hackraptor helps you remotely gain access to the target iPhone or iOS device without jailbreaking the iPhones or target device.

Best Way to Spy on iPhone Without Access to Target iPhone

It can be quite embarrassing to be caught with someone’s phone while you are trying to spy on it. Embarrassment is even the least of the problems. It can break up or strain a relationship. Therefore, if you want to spy someone’s iPhone, the best way is to do it without touching the target device.

Hackraptor is one of the best and greatest options to get all the information you need from an iPhone. How possible is that? Read on to learn all about spying a device without having access to it.

Best Spy App Software to Monitor iPhone Discreetly: Hackraptor

Have you been wondering how it is possible to spy a device without touching it, this post is for you. Without a doubt, you can spy an iPhone discreetly without touching the device. You do not have to install any software or jailbreak the device to view almost all data on your target device. All that you need is a smart spy app and Hackraptor is the right choice to make.

Hackraptor is an easy-to-use, reliable, and effective spy app that helps you to track the phone activities of your target. This app has enjoyed great popularity among users and tech communities. It has received positive reviews from users and the media alike. The app has been featured in different reputable media outlets, including iGeekPhone, Hackernoon, TechRadar, Forbes, CNET, and Tom’s Guide, The American Reporter, among others.

Spy on iPhone Without Access to the Phone With Hackraptor

You can use it to monitor both Android and iPhone devices because it is compatible with both of them. Using Hackraptor, you can get real-time access to the call logs, social apps, locations, and messages on your target iPhone. You will find more info about the features of the app by reaching out to Hackraptor customer support.

You can use Hackraptor to spy on the phone activities of an iPhone without touching the device. The app has become the favorite of parents, employers, and spouses looking to monitor the activities of their target. If you want to keep an eye on your teenage child, you can activate the Hackraptor app on their iPhone. It is also the best choice of spy app for people looking to monitor what their spouses do on their device.

Spy on iPhone Without Having the Phone Using Just Phone - Hackraptor

The app works seamlessly without attracting attention. It does not affect the target iPhone in any way because it’s not in contact with it. The Hackraptor iOS version does not require any app installation. This means you don’t need any access to your target device to spy on it.

Hackraptor functions with the iCloud backup of the target iPhone. As long as the iCloud backup account of the target device is turned on, you can see all data on the device.

Activities You Can Spy and Monitor With Hackraptor

There is so much you can spy on your target iPhone with Hackraptor - hire@hackraptor. The app offers over 35 features that give access to the same number of features on your target device. Let’s look at some of them.

Call Logs HistoryWhen you activate Hackraptor on an iPhone, you will be able to see the details of phone calls on the device. These include the contact numbers, names, display pictures, and addresses of both incoming and outgoing calls.

Text Messages

You will also see the incoming, outgoing, and deleted messages on the target device. If the messages come with some attached files, you can download and view the files.


Hackraptor also lets you spy on the WhatsApp messages on your target phone. You will see all private and group conversations on the platform as well as the shared media.


It is also possible to view the Instagram activities of your target through their device. You can see their posts, private messages, and the details of their followers. You’ll see all pictures and videos they share and the ones they receive privately.

Other Social Media Apps

Hackraptor gives you access to all installed apps, including social media apps on the target device. These include Telegram, Facebook, Viber, Kik, Snapchat, LINE, and more. You can also see other installed apps, including dating apps on the device.

Browser History

Are you worried about the kind of websites that the target person visits? You can monitor their browsing history and other web activities. Hackraptor transmits data relating to the browser activities of your target to your dashboard. You can view their browser history, bookmarked pages, and deleted pages.

Real-time Location

Hackraptor also allows you to see the real-time location of your target device. You can see where they are per time and their location history. With this, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the whereabouts of your loved one.

Requesting the Best iPhone Spy App

Hackraptor iPhone spy monitoring app offers a lot of benefits and these are just a few of the 35+ features it has to offer. Are you interested in spying on someone's iPhone? Are you worried that you will get caught? You can forget about such fear with Hackraptor. Hackraptor stands out among its competitors because of its numerous features.

It is safe and secure and does not require that you jailbreak the target device. You never have to worry about getting caught because you don’t need to have physical access to the device.

5 Step-by-Step Guide to Spy Someone’s iPhone Without touching the Phone

In order to spy on your target iPhone, you first need to set up the app for the device. The following are the steps that you need to follow to activate Hackraptor on your target device:

Request Hackraptor by sending an email to hire@hackraptor.com

Provide the target phone information - phone number and phone type

Choose your preferred package

Type your username and password into your monitoring access link

Start spying and monitoring the activities on your target device

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