Spring Semester As Told By Mr. Moseby

Spring Semester As Told By Mr. Moseby

Because there's no better way to express joy than the crazy legs dance.


It's that point in the semester where each and every day gets a little bit harder than the last. The agony of classes, homework, tests, and stress leave little time for sleep, relaxation or fun. But, it's important to remember that summer is just around the corner and soon you'll have a little break from the many stresses that walk hand in hand with college life. Until then, you're going to have to put in as much effort as you can. Here's spring semester as told by the one and only Mr. Moseby.

The desperate attempts for serenity...

While you're studying or trying to get 50 more words into your online discussions, you're going to try to find your happy place as much as possible: until you realize it's just not going to happen.

The face you make when you've just had enough of COMM102.

When your professor sends you a courtesy email to let you know you've hit the limit on missed classes, you'll likely go into a state of shock and irritation. Seriously, I have to actually attend classes now if I want to pass?

All this finals prep you have to do will give you time to step up as the "mom" friend...

...and when your friends who still have time to go out (because they have an easier semester with the bare minimum of credits) need your help getting back to the dorm, they know that you've got their back because it'll give you a nice little break from homework and studying.

But, you may not be so willing to help others.

If that super annoying girl from your french class asks you why the teacher makes you turn in an essay every Friday one more time, you may just lose it. I mean seriously, didn't she read the syllabus?

There's no feeling like proving the doubter's wrong

Especially when the doubters are your professors and you end up doing way better on the tests than they said you would.

When your roommate wants to listen to music at full blast, you might have to fake your excitement

I mean, really, doesn't she know you have an essay due in 2 hours on a subject you know absolutely nothing about and you probably won't do it anyway but you really just need a reason to sulk? Let's be real, the only thing her music is interrupting is her Netflix time.

Nothing is worse than when your advisor tells you that you might need an extra semester... or two

Don't worry, you'll figure out how to break the news to your poor parents, and they'll probably just kill you so you won't need the extra semesters, you'll be dead.

Even though you still may be killed over summer break by your parents, you still have a reason to celebrate: IT'S ALMOST HERE

So dance like there's no tomorrow, but only for a little while: those finals are still right around the corner.

When it's finally time to pack your things and head out, you're ready

First year of college: done. While you're thankful for the memories and will miss your friends over break, you couldn't be more excited to finally be done with finals.

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