Six Tips For My Spring Semester Self

Dear Spring Semester Self,

It's me, your fall semester self, and I think it's time that we have a talk before you find yourself in the same position next finals week. Finals week seems to always creep up on us when we least expect it. That exam that was fifteen weeks away is now one or two cram sessions away. So, I thought I would give you advice to make next semester just a tad bit easier for you.

Eat healthier. This is simple. Force yourself to eat healthy. When you have the choice between buffalo wings or a salad, it's simple. PICK THE SALAD.

Study more efficiently and sooner. You study a lot, but you study what's due next. You don't study ahead of time for exams. You don't do your assignments ahead of time. You don't do anything ahead of time. You procrastinate. Stop doing that and start studying sooner. Also, you don't study very effectively apparently. Your test scores reflect that. Start studying more effectively.

Go to the gym. Your apartment complex has a gym. There's a gym across from your favorite donut shop. There's a gym at the rec center. There's a gym across from where you shadow at the hospital. You drive by these places every single day. Start going!

Have fun more often. You study so much. You don't go out with your roommates or spend a day treating yourself. Yeah, the whole point of college is your education, but you don't need to just study or stay in.

Spend less money. Girl, how did you spend $150 on über rides and $300 on fast food this month? Why can you not seem to spend less time browsing online or in Ulta? Save money. You have rent to pay, you have a car payment, you have bills, and tuition!

Take chances. You don't take chances. You play it safe. If you don't take chances, you'll regret it when you look back! Make new friends. Do new things. Join new clubs. Just take those chances!

Good luck,

Your Fall Semester Self

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