12 Ways You Know It Is Springtime In Cuse

12 Ways You Know It Is Springtime In Cuse

Because the sun doesn't shine much, but when it does, you know.

Nori Zaccheo

Springtime in Cuse is a HUGE deal. Cuse students have to pack a year's worth of fun outside activities into about two weeks at the end of the semester. The whole vibe of the campus changes. Here are some things you'll notice at Cuse when springtime rolls around.

1. The Hall of Languages lawn has students laying out all over it.

What better way to enjoy the nice weather than to sit out in the lawn of HOL and do your work outside? Studying outside is a big mood. The people looking from the Panasci windows are def jealous.

2. Frat boys are in their front yard tossing around a football, playing pong, and blasting music.

Any time the weather gets slightly nice, Comstock is BUMPIN. Frat boys never miss out on the nice weather and always take full advantage of the time to be out on the lawn.

3. Sherpa jacket spottings are on the low, and they are worn, they've casually worn off the shoulder.

The classic winter Cuse jacket, the sherpa, is a staple of college girl life. You know it is getting warmer when you don't see them everywhere 24/7.

4. Jean jackets, however, are on the high.

Sherpas need to be replaced by something, right? It isn't warm enough outside yet to go jacket free, so you can peep Cuseies sporting their denim jackets.

5. Everyone is out on their porch, living their best life.

From sorority houses to off campus housing near campus, everyone takes advantage of the, like, 6 days a year where they can actually use their porches.

6. There's always frisbee going down on the quad.

Just pop in on a game or start your own. Enjoy the weather and have some fun on the quad. How ~college~, am I right?

7. There's also probably some dogs on the quad too.

People tend to bring their dogs out more when it isn't brick, which is GREAT. I feel like there's always some random dog to be pet on the quad. (Bonus points if you play frisbee with the dog.)

8. A lot of people are flexin' in their Birks.

Suns out, toes out. After many months of snow boots, Cuse students jump at the first opportunity to bust out the Birkenstocks.

9. At least one hammock is up between some trees next to the promenade.

Someone always sets up a hammock in those trees and can be seen lounging, napping, studying, or doing homework. Honestly, it is a MOOD. If you're that person, you're my inspiration.

10. All the cars have their windows down.

Every car driving by has its windows down, playing some good jams, yelling hello to people on the street, spreading the positivity. Keep it up, my people.

11. Block Party and Mayfest are coming up.

And everyone is LIT. The day of Mayfest is arguably the best day of the year in Cuse, and hardly anyone can contain their excitement. It just adds to the overall good aura of the campus.

12. Vibes are just good.

People are coming out of their winter depression. There are more smiles and laughs. More people are outside so everyone is always saying hello to each other. Vibes are just good man.

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