For those of us that want to save our limited supply of funds during spring break and spend some quality time with family and dogs instead of living life to the fullest in a prime vacation spot with gals in trendy swimsuits; finding ways to keep yourself occupied is often difficult. Here are some ideas to get the ball rolling;

1. Watch your friends snap stories in Cabo

Wallow in your FOMO and make yourself a smoothie to pretend that you are also having an exotic spring break getaway

2. Pet a dog

Take advantage of all the domestic animals in your hometown, and stock up on love from your doggos that you’ve been deprived from all quarter.

3. Finally watch that one episode of house of card you promised you would watch with your mom a year ago

Use your week of academic freedom to binge watch every Netflix series in existence.

4. Think about working out

It’s the thought that counts, right?

5. Build up enough sleep to get you through next quarter

Don’t get out of bed until break is over.

6. Hoard food under your bed at home like a packrat to stock up your at-school snack stash

Take as many grocery trips with your parents as humanly possible.

7. Take advantage of your generous family and eat family dinner every night

Enjoy the taste of real food as opposed to the trash they serve at the Dining Commons.

8. Relive your glory days by visiting your old high school

Always seems like a good idea until you realize high school sucks and you're thriving in college.

7. Knock on doors looking for young children to babysit to try and make some small sum of money before going back to school

8. Guilt your parents into buying you Girl Scout cookies

Store up for future school-related breakdowns

9. Convince your mom that she need to get her nails and hair done and pray you can tag along

10. Chuck e Cheese?

Literally just grasping at straws here

11. If all else fails, go bowling

Splurge at your local trash bowling alley and realize how terribly boring your hometown is