This Spring Break As Told By 'The Office'

This Spring Break As Told By 'The Office'

Spring Break 2019 is finally here.


And basically the only days we get off all semester are finally here... spring break! Whether it is a dreaded annual family road trip, a vacation with your friends, or your favorite spot in your bed at home, enjoy a week of no classes! We all deserve a much needed week off.

"The Office" characters perfectly represent how I am feeling about this spring break.

1. Leaving your last class before break starts....

We all know the feeling... classes are finally over and it is officially spring break!

2. Thinking about what you want to do at the beach.

Because who doesn't want to eat and lie out all day at the beach?

3. FINALLY arriving like...

Now, it's time to party; it's spring break!

4. Seeing your friends on tropical vacations while you're at home.

Yeah, we get it, we don't need ANOTHER picture on Instagram of you on the beach.

5. Getting to show off your new bathing suits and outfits...

All your hard work for your spring break bod and expensive outfits are paying off. You've been waiting for this moment.

6. When something crazy happens.

Expect the unexpected. It's spring break and you never know what may happen with your friends or family.

7. But you still have a drink in your hand so...

A highlight of break is always the nice drinks with an umbrella and some fruit.

8. To the friend that doesn't tan but burns.

We all have that one friend...

9. The last day when you are sick of everyone.

You've been with the same people for a whole week... even though they are on your last nerves you're still just trying to enjoy the last day.

10. When it's time to go home.

Because no one wants to leave.

11. Looking back at pictures and videos of vacation, wishing you were back.

While choosing which picture will make it on Instagram, it makes you wish you were back already.

And the cast of "The Office" perfectly captures what Spring Break is like. That one week off of school and work that we all wish was longer; a week of crazy fun with friends and family; a week of no worries.

I can't wait to spend my spring break on the beach with my friends and family. It is a much-needed break from school that I wish was a few weeks longer... Enjoy your spring break!

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Why Spring Break Is Important

Students have been working hard and deserve a break, but there are also other reasons as to why they need the time off.

Everyone needs spring break. No matter your age, the time away from thinking hard is much needed. You need the opportunity to recharge your brain and your body. Your brain needs a chance to recover from all of the knowledge it has gained and your body needs to recuperate from the sleepless nights and the toll that stress has had on it. The regular things in life can become old really quickly and to have a fresh view of your daily life, you need to be able to step back from it. There are also students who are extremely far from home and need the opportunity to see their families. However, Spring Break is not just for the students, but for the faculty as well. They need the time off and away from the students as much as the students need time away from the faculty members.

Spring break is also beneficial to your mental health. Staring at the same people and the same rooms for too long will make anyone lose their minds. Being able to step away from your stressful life at school can help you maintain your sanity as well. Stress is actually good for you but too much is detrimental. Having that week off to just relax and get your life together is what makes it possible for students to return afterward and be successful. As well, faculty members are ready and in need for a break. They have to deal with making tests and preparing lectures while catering to student needs on a seemingly 24/7 basis. They need time to recover their energy from sleepless nights and they deserve to have time where they aren’t grading or preparing for class.

By the time the break comes around, students are mentally prepared for time off of learning. Only so much knowledge can be crammed into a brain at once. Spring Break comes at a time where students can head to the beach and spend time with their families. If students are in college, they do not have the opportunity to get to see their families as much as they used to. The break allows them to catch up and spend a lengthy amount of time with their folks and kin. International students even get an opportunity to return home and see their families. Being so far away from home and not being able to use the shorter breaks to go back makes Spring Break an important time for them.

Cover Image Credit: movieboozer

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10 Things To Bring A Smile To Your Face As You Push Through The Post Spring Break Struggle

The post spring break blues are a legitimate thing.


The time has come to settle back in to finish out the semester. There are three or so months left requiring your time, dedication, and hard work and right now it seems rather daunting. As you find your way back into the school groove, here are ten things that'll bring a smile back into your life as you push through.

1. Funny dog videos. 

2. Warmer weather is coming. 

4. The stress is only temporary!

5. There will be time to binge watch your favorite show soon enough. 

6. All of this is going to pay off and you'll have a degree to show for it! 

7. It's girl scout cookie season!

8. BuzzFeed is always posting new quizzes to take advantage of. 

9. Payless is going out of business so you can go buy yourself some cheap shoes. 

10. Winter clothing and other items have begun the markdown period so you can give in a little to the shopping itch. 

Summer will be here before you know it, so give these next couple months all you've got. It pays off!

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