Before I get crucified on the internet for my unpopular opinion, please hear me out first—spring break sucks, and I am so happy it is over!

Spring break is the calm before the stressful storm that awaits me once school resumes again. I could have gone home and lived in sweet, ignorant bliss for a week, but how could I genuinely enjoy my spring break knowing that a week later once classes are back in session, I'll have final projects, final papers, and finals to deal with? I might be on spring break officially, but I am still working on assignments that are due Monday morning. I have to admit, studying at the library when a majority of the student body is out of town is one of the best things ever. I don't have to wait in line for coffee at Starbucks, I don't have to fight anyone over a parking space, and I can actually sit peacefully on the first floor.

To be quite honest, even if I didn't have all this school work to come back to, I still wouldn't go back home for spring break because of the chaotic influx of college students that decide to come to South Florida for their spring break. As much as I miss home town, my loved ones, and all the good eats that Tallahassee does not have to offer, the amount of college students that flock to Fort Lauderdale and Miami is overwhelmingly disgusting. The traffic in South Florida is awful enough when Spring Break is not happening, but the additional traffic of people makes never want to leave my house in the first place.

Every year, it is the same exact thing. An insane amount of college students—out-of-state and in-state—visit our beautiful beaches and leave it trashed for the locals to clean up afterward. And yes, we have to clean up the trash you left behind because if we don't, it will end up in the ocean and disrupt the ecosystem even more. And Let's be clear, you're not helping us economically by purchasing over-priced drinks on the beach if you're just going to leave them anywhere else but the trash. Stop coming to South Florida if you're just going to get publically stupid drunk and disrespect the locals who live here.

Spring break is a well-deserved break for everyone, but the joy I once felt for spring break hasn't been the same in a while. I'm ready for you, summer break.