Goodbye Spring Break, You Will Not Be Missed

Goodbye Spring Break, You Will Not Be Missed

Is this what growing up feels like?


Before I get crucified on the internet for my unpopular opinion, please hear me out first—spring break sucks, and I am so happy it is over!

Spring break is the calm before the stressful storm that awaits me once school resumes again. I could have gone home and lived in sweet, ignorant bliss for a week, but how could I genuinely enjoy my spring break knowing that a week later once classes are back in session, I'll have final projects, final papers, and finals to deal with? I might be on spring break officially, but I am still working on assignments that are due Monday morning. I have to admit, studying at the library when a majority of the student body is out of town is one of the best things ever. I don't have to wait in line for coffee at Starbucks, I don't have to fight anyone over a parking space, and I can actually sit peacefully on the first floor.

To be quite honest, even if I didn't have all this school work to come back to, I still wouldn't go back home for spring break because of the chaotic influx of college students that decide to come to South Florida for their spring break. As much as I miss home town, my loved ones, and all the good eats that Tallahassee does not have to offer, the amount of college students that flock to Fort Lauderdale and Miami is overwhelmingly disgusting. The traffic in South Florida is awful enough when Spring Break is not happening, but the additional traffic of people makes never want to leave my house in the first place.

Every year, it is the same exact thing. An insane amount of college students—out-of-state and in-state—visit our beautiful beaches and leave it trashed for the locals to clean up afterward. And yes, we have to clean up the trash you left behind because if we don't, it will end up in the ocean and disrupt the ecosystem even more. And Let's be clear, you're not helping us economically by purchasing over-priced drinks on the beach if you're just going to leave them anywhere else but the trash. Stop coming to South Florida if you're just going to get publically stupid drunk and disrespect the locals who live here.

Spring break is a well-deserved break for everyone, but the joy I once felt for spring break hasn't been the same in a while. I'm ready for you, summer break.

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12 Items To Buy From Five Below That Will Inexpensively Modernize Your Dorm Room

You would be amazed at what you can get at this store!


When you're redecorating your bedroom, you might not think to stop by Five Below, considering everything is $5 and under. But you would be amazed at what you can find in that store.

I went not to long ago to get those cube storage boxes, that go into the shelf, and I left with almost $200 worth of stuff. Now mind you, I've been to this store a million and one times and never have spent this much, but while I was there I figured I would get Easter basket things for my niece and then the idea to redecorate dorm rooms popped into my head as I was looking around. Because let’s be real we all could use a more modern dorm....even if you school just bought new furniture. So here’s 12 things you need to buy from Five Below to modernize your dorm.

1. Wall shelves

Personal Photo

Use command strips to hang these up because you can’t drill into the walls at school!!

2. 3 clip photo frame

Personal Photo

Okay so one isn't out of its package yet, but this is what Five Below's website showed for it.

3. A white fuzzy rug

Personal Photo

4. Cordless hexagon cage lamp

Personal Photo

5. Cute storage basket

Personal Photo

6. Light up sign box

Personal Photo

7. Letter board

Personal Photo

8. An initial light

Personal Photo

So this I've had for years but I'm 100% positive it came from Five Below.

9. 3 piece frame set

Personal Photo

10. Salt rock lamp

Personal Photo

Mines pretty big, but they have smaller ones.

11. An ottoman

12. A mini cactus

Personal Photo

Or any plant really. They have basil, roses, daisy, strawberries, etc.

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Your 2019 Spring Break Packing List

It is coming up so you better get packing!


Are you ready for the sun and the sand? I am! However, I constantly procrastinate packing. It seems to be a lot of work and without a list, it feels impossible. So, I have put off my procrastination and made a pretty detailed 2019 spring break packing list!

1. Bathing suits

You know you need them! I suggest going and finding the perfect fit for you. Swimsuits can be tricky. However, everybody is a bathing suit body! So, go get a suit so you can go get a tan!

2. Sun screen!

You need it, so get it! Trust me, you do not want to get burnt. It could ruin your entire spring break. So lather that sunscreen on and hit the beach!

3. Shorts

You can dress them down or dress them up! Plus, you won't be hot. Long pants at the beach? Nope!

4. Sun glasses

Keep those eyes protected! The sun can damage your vision, so do not risk it. Also, with the right sunglasses, you can make quite the fashion statement.

5. Sweatshirt

The beach can get a bit chilly at night or if you aren't going far south. So, you might want to be prepared. Also, you don't wanna be cold all day after being in the water!

6. Pants

Like the sweatshirt sometimes you just want to be warm. I would suggest a loose beach look instead of jeans, but you can make jeans beachy too! just be prepared in case you have a chilly day,

7. Pajamas

You have to sleep, or at least try too. Also, you might want a lazy day! don't forget to pack something to sleep or chill in.

8. Beach towel

You need something to dry off with! Also if you want a good tan a beach towel is perfect to lay on when on the beach. you need it, and they can be pretty cheap.

9. Something to hold water

Like a water bottle or Yeti cup. Hydration is important when it is hot outside. You can easily get dehydrated on the beach so make sure you have something that allows you to have cold water constantly

10.  Hat

The sun is not great for your skin. So, having a hat is pretty important. Keep your skin healthy by keeping in the shade!

Spring break is a great time where you get to relax and not worry about school. If you pack right then you can avoid unnecessary stress. Have fun and be safe. Try to actually relax and take a week to treat your self!

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