Even better than telling people you're just heading home for the two weeks leading up to Spring Break is when you get to scroll through your Insta feed past every vacation post possible. While some FOMO is bound to hit at some point during break as most people you know are lounging on beaches and feeling sunshine, it is worth it to stay home, too. Here's why.

1. Most importantly, sleep

A huge part of break for me is catching up on sleep and then getting enough sleep every night. Spending break getting your Z's in and napping whenever you want is really worth it.

2. Save some bucks

At this point in the school year, I've really taken the role as the #brokecollegekid seriously. Spending a week home rather than abroad or on an island is a lot easier on your wallet and mind going forward.

3. Routine off, relaxation on

While there is no doubt that you'd be relaxing on vacation, you can turn your routine completely off when you get home. Spending a week in your hometown can give you the chance to shed your routine and spend the week in the easiest way possible.

4. Some quality family time

During long stretches at school, I find myself missing my family the most. Heading home for break gives you the chance to get in that quality time that will keep you going when school kicks back up.

After this Spring Break, I'm thankful to say I spent it at home. While I may not have a great aesthetic to show for it, my rested body and refreshed mind are enough for me.