YES, you can breathe now since midterms are over and the only priority you should have now is fitting everything in one bag, and what Spotify playlist you’re going to play on that long road trip to paradise. Good thing we have the Kardashians to give us a play by play from start to finish of how your spring break get away will turn out.


*Shoves every single clothing item that you own in a tiny suitcase and hope for the best*

You just never know what could happen, or what you’d be invited to.

The Car Ride/Flight There

The anticipation of arriving makes the transportation part not so bad. If driving, just chug some coffee and Red Bull to survive and you will eventually get there.

The Best Moment, Arriving.

WE ARE HERE, let the break begin, and the bad decisions start.

Making Plans

No one really knows what to do except to have fun, which comes along pretty naturally. Just walk around on the beach and talk to anyone and everyone.

Putting Together Outfits

What if I get too hot in this? What if I don’t like it on me later?

*54 outfit changes later to only wear what you had on in the beginning*


Something that will be occurring 99.9% of the time to forget about the overwhelming stress school has been putting you through. Put down the textbooks and pick up a drink, or two, or five.

The Rough Patches

You’re going to have at least someone (drunk) cry, lose a phone or credit card, or trip and fall on their face.

The Dreadful Hangovers

Advil and water, and then do it again. We all believe in you. THRIVE AND REVIVE.

Pictures, So Many Pictures

From the beach poses to the nightclubs, there will be lots of photos taken. Your friends are your personal paparazzi, and this is the week to make unforgettable memories to capture.

Realizing You're Broke

After that night out and constant card swiping, you wake up the next day only to see that you have a negative balance or 3 cents to your name.

Realizing You Don’t Care, & Still Have Fun

You are upset for a little bit about being dirt poor, but then brush it off because you are on "break" and surrounded by your friends.

Going Through Sent Messages

During the chaos of it all, you most likely decided to send things that you usually wouldn’t. If you delete it, that means it never happened.

Heading Back Home

NO. It can’t possibly already be over. You now have to head back to reality, and get your life together once again.

You will most likely experience all of the above, but it wouldn’t be a good spring break if you didn’t. Have a fun and safe trip, and don’t do anything the Kardashians wouldn’t do.