When college kids talk about Grey’s Anatomy, many say it’s their favorite show. Their reasoning always varies - some say it’s because of the hot doctors, some because they like to learn about the medical stuff, and some just appreciate the ever-changing story line. But all can agree that Grey’s is the perfect mix of drama, comedy, and tragedy that always keeps you entertained. With that being said, I think we could draw a perfect parallel between Grey’s and our spring break. Spring break 2017 was funny, super dramatic, definitely tragic, but above all, entertaining. Here is your spring break at the beach told by Grey’s Anatomy:

When none of your Friday classes get canceled.

Putting on your bathing suit for the first time since the summer.

Finally getting to the beach in your denim shorts and it’s 50 degrees out with the sun nowhere to be found.

Wanting to keep up with your friends and party 24/7, but wanting to sleep so badly.

Living it up because it’s your last night at the beach, but regretting it immensely on your long drive home the next morning.

When you tell yourself you’re not going to procrastinate, yet the first time you attempt to do homework is Sunday at 8 pm.

When worrying about your weight is finally over (for now, at least).

When you count up how much money you actually spent - thanks Uber.

Thnks fr th mmrs sb2k17. You’ll (not really) be missed.