Spring break is finally approaching and I know that myself and many others couldn't be more than excited. My spring break is spent with my rowing teammates in Dallas for our spring training trip! It is a great week that we get to bond and really get close with one another, and we finally get to go outside to practice! However, many of my friends are spending their spring breaks differently than I do.

They may go home for a relaxing break or they might head to Padre for one heck of a party! Either way, spring break is a time to let loose and have fun, and who better than to explain what it means to have fun is Adam Sandler! Playing in a variety of movies from classics like Happy Gilmore to Grown Ups. I think there are plenty of examples where Adam Sandler completely embodies all of our experiences and feelings about spring break.

1. Planning with your friends what you are going to do during Spring Break

Initial planning is important to a great trip filled with memories!

2. Contemplating whether or not you want to go during Spring Break with friends

There comes a point in the road where you are not sure whether or not you are wanting to go on this trip, and if it would be better to just go home.

3. Finally making yourself pack and go on this trip

Taking a deep breath and entering the unknown of this trip!

4. Arriving at your final destination and being ready to party

Once you arrive you feel as though vacation has finally started and the fun can finally begin!

5. The first night out

Walking with your squad into wherever you are going as a powerful force.

6. Thinking about what you would be doing if you were home

If you do decide to stay home, well, you get the huge luxury of free home cooked food, sleeping in your own bed, and taking as long of a shower as you want!

7. Thoughts about whether or not you should be productive and get work done during break

Throughout break the occasional thought does come up on whether or not your should do some homework.

8. And then deciding not to be productive because who cares

However, that decision is quickly made when you realize that you deserve time off!

9. And having that backfire completely when you look at all the work you needed to get done

Then the end of the week approaches and you get hit with all of the stuff that you procrastinated doing.

10. Realizing that spring break is almost over and you have to go back to school

The break has been so good to you and you never want to leave!

Everyone has their own way of spending their spring break, but just make the most of it because it goes by very fast!!! Oh and don't forget to catch up on a few Adam Sandler movies or two!