The end of a semester brings a plethora of emotions, things to do and everything in between. I, for one, cannot wait for the semester to be over with. So here is the entire spring semester of college summed up by Andy Dwyer:

1. When Mother Nature Cannot Make Up Her Mind

One minute it is 30 degrees in the morning, but then around noon, it is a solid 66 degrees. I am never sure what to wear on spring(ish) days. I am always sweating my ass off by the end of my walk back to my room because I thought wearing my jacket would be a good idea. Indiana, you kill me every time with this whole weather debacle.

2. When Classes Are Getting Canceled

Here at Butler, there are normally a few simple reasons as to why your professor will cancel class during the spring semester. For one, their basement has flooded -- this has actually happened -- due to the indecisive weather. It could also be that the Undergraduate Research Conference (URC), which is where undergraduate students present research that they have spent the beginning of the semester preparing, is happening, which means that all of the classrooms are booked and professors do not feel like booking another one. They could also be sick, or it is finally a nice day out and they want to enjoy the weather. Last but not least, the professor really just does not want to come into class.

3. When Nothing Seems To Be Going Right

I like to think that this one is self-explanatory.

4. Spring Break

Again, I believe this is also self-explanatory.

5. When Spring Fever Hits

I swear there is something in the spring air that makes everyone feel the need to couple up, get married, or procreate. I'm not against it, but I am just gonna stay single for a little longer, thank you.

6. When You Realize There Are Only 6 Weeks Left

With the little to no breaks, the spring semester goes by quickly. Just yesterday I realized that there was a month left of classes, meaning that there are only a few classes left to get my grades up.

7. When You Have Done Nothing But Study

It always seems as though every unit in every class has gone by so quickly and all you are doing is constantly studying. This is why spring semester is the worst; since there are little to no breaks, it makes it feel as though you have not done anything for yourself.

8. Finals Week

This gif is finals week summed up in a nutshell.

9. When You Realize That It Is The End Of The Semester

I don't know about you, but I have a love/hate relationship with summer. First, you possibly won't see your college friends for a hot minute. Secondly, you have to get an internship or a job -- something so you can keep your coffee addiction going once you're back on campus. Finally, not wanting to go home, but also wanting to go home, and being full of mixed emotions.

10. When Summer Is Finally Here

The semester is over with and we finally get to sleep more than six hours a night.