It's coming around the corner... No, I'm not talking about the Easter Bunny. I'm talking about SPRING!!!

I have been feeling it lately along with my dogs, horses, friends, family, I can see everyone getting a little crazy with Spring Fever. I don't know if you believe in that, but I do. You know that feeling you get when you walk outside and feel the fresh air? You begin to smell flowers blooming and feel the change in the temperature with the sun looking bigger than ever in the sky. There is still a little chill to the air, but the warmth is there letting you know it's almost spring.

We can get excited to see all of the animals starting to surface after winter, but also try and be careful and aware of them. If we were still kids, I would be on the lookout for the Easter Bunny. But, also watch out for those buzzing bees to come back.

I always look forward to this time because I can jump back in the saddle after I get the horse's thick winter coat off - which might take me until the end of spring. Maybe I will be ready for summer!

Spring isn't just about the fresh air taking place again after winter, but a time for new beginnings, as some say. In spring, it's time for spring cleaning! Not only in your house and your car, but in your life. I honestly hate cleaning, but it will also make you feel better about yourself. This is the time to maybe try new things, or get a different haircut, get a tattoo that you will be able to show off in the warm weather. Start making your bed every morning, try a new wardrobe, start taking walks, or running, or just go get food instead like I do.

I actually love being outside in the fresh air and doing outside activities, although I don't know if all air is fresh with pollution nowadays, but I still end up walking outside and just taking a deep breath or air. Spring break is also a thing because obviously... Spring. Make some fun plans go on a road trip, do something crazy, jump out of your comfort zone.

At least take advantage of nice weather when we have it, heck just go for a drive and roll the windows down and crank up your music. Have some fun, and I'm sure your car could use a spring cleaning like everything else. Let's start and get our lives in order, maybe things will begin to fall in place for us, or we can figure out ways to make them start to.

Live everyday as if it was your last. Take advantage of the good days, and learn as much as you can from the bad ones. I hope everyone has something good going for them, or a lot of good to come in this spring. Happy Spring, everyone, and to all those college kids, have a good spring break, be safe, be a little crazy, and have a lot of fun - you deserve it!!