The Coolest Sea Creature

Sponges: The Underrated Sea Animal

I'm sure your favorite sponge lives at the Bikini Bottom.


Imagine a small little sea creature that excels in fighting bacteria in your very own home. It's very squishy as if it were a stress ball and it's as soft as a blanket. It also holds a lot of power and by power, I mean water. I bet some of us have actually seen this tropical animal in reality.

I mean, it does live in your kitchen. Yes, believe it or not, the actual animal lives in the ocean but the synthetic version of it is in your home right now and even, at this school. Yeah, I know it's a weird thought that you have a pet at home that you didn't really realize you had.

I strongly recommend that you ask your parents why they have been keeping this secret from you. I am warning you though, you will be disappointed by how they respond. I believe this creature is so amazing, that it even deserves its own emoji. Emoji-less or not, there is speculation that this species has existed for approximately 600 million years in the aquatic summons of our Earth.

That could possibly be the oldest living organism in our Earth today. Keyword: possibly. This animal has multiple purposes like starring in a hit and long-running Nickelodeon show. It is also a synthetic form of a blending tool for cosmetics, and it's most important use is to recycle nutrients and play a role in the coral reef life cycle.

Sure, I have seen some exotic animals like elephants and peacocks but I have never actually seen my favorite animal. The porous skin of the animal makes up for the missing eyes, missing facial features, and disproportionate body. This animal is not limited to one certain image but it can be different colors and shapes.

On that note, my animal can live up to 200 years. I guess that means that the oldest living organism of this animal has been alive for things like the Titanic shipwreck when women finally had gained the right to vote and it could have been alive for the birth of the iconic superstar Jennifer Lopez. Something just as iconic as J-Lo is my favorite animal, the one and only sea sponge.

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Wear Sunscreen, Y'all

Suns out, buns out. Don't let them get burned!


With the incoming of Spring comes rising temperatures and sunny weather. For many, this is one of the best times of the year; seasonal depression starts to dissolve, more time is spent outdoors, and, once school is over, many people feel like they don't have a care in the world.

Start caring, bitch! Your skin is on the line!

If you're like me, you absolutely do not wear sunscreen every day. Maybe it's because you're forgetful, maybe it's because you don't burn easily, or maybe it's because you genuinely don't see a reason to wear it.

Believe it or not, protecting your skin from that orb of hot gas and solar rays is extremely important! Not only does it protect you from short term consequences like sunburns, but it also protects you from getting premature wrinkles, skin cancer, and other health issues that may come about later in life.

It's so worth it to wear sunscreen every day, and I'm trying to get into the habit of doing so. Easy ways to incorporate SPF into your daily life is replacing some products you already have with ones that are better for your skin.

For example, finding body or face lotion with SPF in it is so easy and helpful! If you're someone that showers in the mornings, having lotion with SPF included allows you to put on sunscreen at the same time you're putting on lotion, so there are no extra steps. For people who wear makeup daily, finding a foundation or lipstick that can protect your skin is a no brainer. Of course, the best course of action is to put on actual sunscreen, but this is a good place to start.

Now, you might be thinking "yeah, I know, I should wear sunscreen… but, it's really not that big of a deal, right?"


Every unprotected exposure to the sun accumulates into a large amount of damage!

When you go out without sunscreen, it can do damage to your body, even if you don't get a sunburn. Over time, this damage builds up and can lead to all sorts of nasty things. Many of these things cannot be reversed by adding SPF into your daily life, so you must do it before the damage occurs. If you're not wearing sunscreen, put some on now! By throwing a small, travel-sized tube in your purse, backpack, car, or pocket, you're able to be protected wherever you go. Stay safe!

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8 Realizations From A Non-Fan That Watched The 'Game of Thrones' Final Season Premiere

Winter is Here, whatever that means... and at this point I am too afraid to ask.


It's the most talked-about television show in history as well as the second best rated television show of all time. Jon Snow is a household name, the costumes are worn to every Halloween party and convention and social media is raging with hysteria every Sunday that a new episode airs. If you haven't heard of "Game of Thrones" by now, then what are you ding, exactly?

Rather, I should be asking myself the same question since I haven't watched the show myself in full (yet). Even for an entertainment junkie like myself, life can get too busy for dragons and thrones to ultimately distract me. And yes, I know I've had more than a year to catch up on the series in between this season premiere and last, but what can you do.

Some of my best friends are huge fans of the show, so when one of them decided to throw a premiere viewing party at their house, I decided I might as well join- to spend time with them, of course, but to also be part of the hype. Then I thought to record my thoughts of the first episode of the final season for fans of the show and people like me, alike, to enjoy or relate to. Let us begin, shall we?

1. So. Many. Characters.

Season 8 Hbo GIF by Game of Thrones - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

This fact was never a surprise to me, but I didn't actually realize just how many there were until I watched this episode. And this fact still stands after a whole bunch of characters have died in the past seasons (this, I know, of course).

2. These characters have anything but boring names.

From someone who is obsessed with the MCU, keeping track of character's names isn't really a hard thing to do if it's something you're genuinely into; this goes for GOT, as well. But for someone who hasn't really watched episodes on a regularly basis, trying to remember who's-who with these not-so-common names is no easy feat (unless you watch the show, unlike me).

3. The women are very empowering, but then they take it right back after?

So Cersei told a man this while she was sitting on this very intimidating throne, and I honestly thought of using this quote all over the place from now on. Low and behold, she sleeps with the same guy right after telling him this! I don't know your story, Cersei, but a woman should at least keep her (very badass) word for a good while before she disregards it completely.

4. Subtle facial expressions are a HUGE deal from any character.

As I was watching my friends' reaction to the show, I realized something important- subtle glances are a common thing, and it's just as so that they are a big deal. I just discovered that these two characters (Sansa and Daenerys) have never met in the show, or at least haven't seen each other for a long time, so I do understand why it's a big deal that even the tiniest of glances do mean something. Unlikely character interactions are everything, after all.

5. Blue eyes mean RUN, but not all of the time.

What I have gathered is that the ice zombie people (a.k.a. "White Walkers") are not the good guys and that they have ice blue eyes. Apparently, they can go so much as touch a dead being (person or dragon) and transform them into one of their own. Blue eyes are also a natural human eye color, though, and characters have to know well enough to tell the difference.

6. Sex happens often...

It was no surprise to me that GOT would have lots of nudity spread throughout the series because all of my friends have said it before (plus, it airs on HBO). Alas, the element of surprise is still intact when it actually showed up on the screen. Well, that's all I have to say about that.

7. ... and so does incest (knowingly and unknowingly).

Another thing my friends have warned me about is the amount of incest that happens in the show- can this get any more gross? Not only does Jon and Daenerys not know that they are related and have consummated their relationship already (but Jon soon finally finds out later in the episode, as I reacted to that: "Wow, already, okay!), but that there are twins on the show that also did the dirty. Maybe I won't watch this show after all...

8. But what exactly is the Iron Throne, anyway?

Got Cersei Lannister GIF by Game of Thrones - Find & Share on GIPHY Giphy

Other than Leslie Knope gifting a replica of the throne to Ben Wyatt in "Parks and Recreation," I've never really known the true overall meaning behind the sacred Iron Throne. I know the swords stand for the people who someone killed and that person became king, but other than that, does it still play an important part in the show? Or is it just one of those symbols the show just keeps using for a powerful aesthetic?*

*One of my friends just explained the importance to me... and I really hope someone worthy owns it by the end of the show.

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