The Coolest Sea Creature

Sponges: The Underrated Sea Animal

I'm sure your favorite sponge lives at the Bikini Bottom.


Imagine a small little sea creature that excels in fighting bacteria in your very own home. It's very squishy as if it were a stress ball and it's as soft as a blanket. It also holds a lot of power and by power, I mean water. I bet some of us have actually seen this tropical animal in reality.

I mean, it does live in your kitchen. Yes, believe it or not, the actual animal lives in the ocean but the synthetic version of it is in your home right now and even, at this school. Yeah, I know it's a weird thought that you have a pet at home that you didn't really realize you had.

I strongly recommend that you ask your parents why they have been keeping this secret from you. I am warning you though, you will be disappointed by how they respond. I believe this creature is so amazing, that it even deserves its own emoji. Emoji-less or not, there is speculation that this species has existed for approximately 600 million years in the aquatic summons of our Earth.

That could possibly be the oldest living organism in our Earth today. Keyword: possibly. This animal has multiple purposes like starring in a hit and long-running Nickelodeon show. It is also a synthetic form of a blending tool for cosmetics, and it's most important use is to recycle nutrients and play a role in the coral reef life cycle.

Sure, I have seen some exotic animals like elephants and peacocks but I have never actually seen my favorite animal. The porous skin of the animal makes up for the missing eyes, missing facial features, and disproportionate body. This animal is not limited to one certain image but it can be different colors and shapes.

On that note, my animal can live up to 200 years. I guess that means that the oldest living organism of this animal has been alive for things like the Titanic shipwreck when women finally had gained the right to vote and it could have been alive for the birth of the iconic superstar Jennifer Lopez. Something just as iconic as J-Lo is my favorite animal, the one and only sea sponge.

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Which Star Wideout Will Have More Success On Their New Team?

Antonio Browns and Odell Beckham Jr are on new teams for the 2019 NFL season. The Oakland Raiders and Cleveland Browns are lucky that they're offenses have elite wide receivers on their roster for 2019.


Two big names in the NFL are moving on in 2019 to their new teams. Antonio Brown was traded from the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Oakland Raiders in early March 2019. Odell Beckham Jr. was traded from the New York Giants to the Cleveland Browns in March 2019. Both wideouts have staked their claim in the league as two of the best receivers of their generation. Entering the 2019 season, both of them are now on new teams looking for a fresh start. Will Brown or Beckham have a greater impact on new uniforms?

Antonio Brown was one of the cornerstones of the Steelers offense for years. He and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger were a threatening duo when they took the field. Things went off the rails between Brown and the Steelers organization. Brown's relationship with Roethlisberger turned south in 2018 and Brown requested a trade by the offseason. The Steelers were through with Brown's behavior and traded him to Oakland in March.

Brown's new quarterback heading into 2019 is Derek Carr. The sixth-year quarterback is hoping to lead the Raiders back to the playoffs, as he did in 2016. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden is entering the second year of his ten year deal with the Raiders. Gruden could have a fun time coaching a once in a lifetime receiver like Brown.

Odell Beckham Jr. was a star from his rookie season onward with the New York Giants. He and Eli Manning made some splash plays during his time in the Big Apple. The Browns traded for Beckham in March and It made headlines in Cleveland. The transaction does not make the Browns Super Bowl contenders, but it makes the Browns a better offense. Second-year quarterback Baker Mayfield now has a truly elite wide receiver on his team.

So, which receiver is in a better position to have another elite season? When it comes to quarterbacks, Antonio Brown has the edge. Derek Carr has been to the playoffs and is more established in the AFC. Baker Mayfield is only entering his second season. So, the sample size is not equal, but for now, Carr is the better quarterback. In terms of head coaches, Brown again has the advantage. Jon Gruden has won the Super Bowl and is a respected coach. Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens is entering his first season as a head coach in the NFL. When considering the divisions they compete in, the advantage lands to Odell Beckham Jr. The AFC North is up for grabs in 2019. The Browns can truly be competitive in the division. The Raiders are in a division that had two playoff teams in 2018, the Chiefs and Chargers. It will be hard for Brown and the Raiders to compete in the AFC West.

Brown and Beckham have been terrorizing NFL secondaries for years. Now, they enter the 2019 season with new teams and new challenges. Brown can make the Raiders competitive again in the AFC West. And Beckham can strengthen Cleveland's offense with Baker Mayfield. Coming to a new team is a part of life in the NFL. Brown and Beckham need fresh starts. 2019 will be an opportunity for both to showcase just how dominant they can be.

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Everything You Need To Know About The Sudan Crisis- And What You Can Do To Help

Now is not the time to remain silent.


Sudan Military Kills Over 100 Peaceful Protesters | NowThis

Turmoil is spreading in Sudan as civilians are being massacred left and right, but few are aware of the details leading up to and regarding the calamity. Here is everything you need to know about the crisis in Sudan.

Civilians began to protest against President Omar al-Bashir as his presidency was one of violence and suffering. Under his rule, thousands of villagers were murdered by the government militia in 2003, and millions of Sudanese people were displaced from their homes. While the president was charged with genocide and war crimes, the charges were dropped when the government failed to get support from the UN. Bashir was again arrested in April 2019, after three decades of rule and several large protests.

After his rule came to an end, the people demanded a democracy, and smaller, peaceful protests eventually merged into a mass civil disobedience. Sudanese authorities banned social media and cut internet and mobile data in the capital of Sudan. Recently, soldiers have begun to open fire on crowds of protestors, rape women and men, and beat the protestors that remained on the streets. So far, it is estimated that over 100 people have been killed, 70 raped, and 700 injured. Among these numbers are hundreds of young children.

These people have no access to the outside world, or basic necessities like food and water. Instead of remaining silent and waiting for our country to step in, do your part and 1. Share this article informing others of the crisis 2. Sign this petition demanding the UN investigate this atrocity 3. Donate something to this GoFundMe raising money for Sudanese medical aid. Every share, signature and donation can and will make a difference.

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