The hype surrounding upcoming media can be a lot of fun. Whether it’s relevant to a movie, a game, a book, or anything else, it’s generally a good time to speculate on what’s going to happen in it and think about how enjoyable it’s going to be when you can finally get your hands on it. Unfortunately though, this can backfire; when too much anticipation builds up, the temptation to spoil yourself on what happens through leaks and reports can become unbearable. Other times, just discussing the media is a surefire way to spoil yourself without even trying to.

Generally, the more information that becomes available on something prior to release or even after release but before you get the chance to acquire it, the more pressing this issue becomes. Leaks are increasingly common these days due to the lightning fast travel of news through the Internet, and this can include videos and written reports that give away the entire plot of something, or at least the most shocking highlights of it.

Furthermore, this can cause it to become perilous to speak about the particular piece of media at all, or even look up information about its franchise. People who have already spoiled themselves may reveal information without asking- especially if they’re trolling, sadly- and even basic searches for information will bring up hundreds of relevant articles, which usually include spoilers even in their headlines for clickbait. Twisty series known for their crazy plots like the Danganronpa games are especially prone to this, as are extremely popular media like the latest JK Rowling novels.

So what’s a superfine super fan to do? It’s not a particularly cheery answer, but the answer is to be patient, darn it. It is absolutely never, ever worth giving in to the urge to splurge here. Being spoiled feels awful, every single time. It kills excitement and it creates a sense of disappointment. Don’t look at anything surrounding a particular topic, and don’t talk about it until you’ve had the chance to see it for yourself firsthand. Forums with spoiler tags are a safer bet than most for some lighthearted speculation, but even those aren’t foolproof. If you’re really concerned about spoilers, stay far away from everything related to what you don’t want spoiled. It might be a little frustrating now, but your later self will most certainly thank you.

Which reminds me... did you know that at the end of The Sixth Sense, it turns out that the main character is a-