Want to improve your ranking on Global Superstars, you need to improve your social media engagement. You have to pour your resources and make yourself likable on the social network. But if you don’t know an idea, don’t worry we got a few pointers to start.

Improve Your Timing

When you are breaking a sweat to establish your business, you need to find the exact best time to post an update on the social media. The best times are 9 am- 11 am for most platforms, but there is a significant difference from one platform to another.

If you are posting on twitter, then the best time is 1 pm-3pm. If you are going on Facebook, then post your update between 1pm-4pm. The story goes on as Pinterest is 8pm-11pm, and Instagram is 5pm to 6pm.

You need to know your audience. For example, women on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook late online, so if you are targeting them, you better wait until late night.

Work on Your Word

Every social networking platform has a different purpose, and it draws a special audience towards your brand. You need to understand how this will help your business. For instance, you don’t want to market a law firm on Instagram or Pinterest.

According to research, it was found out that users on Twitter enjoy images that were attached. On the contrary, users on Facebook user prefer pictures where Google+ are just passionate about brands.

If you are running a business, and you want to acquire a piece of the online audience, then you better research each platform and see how the audience works. Women are an easy hit on Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram, where men prefer Google+.

Try to Improvise

Organic search engine optimization can be enough for your marketing needs. Its free, but if you want perfect results, you are going to pay for it. Social Marketing has it's important, but if you have a site, you need to promote it the old-fashioned way.

When you are paying for placement, you can expand your reach outside your community. Organic searches are good, but if you want to do great, you have to invest in social media ads.

Ear In

You need to listen to important conversations. You can improve your likeability for good brand impressions. You need to listen what people are talking about in your community, and use it to your advanced.

But, how do you listen to important conversations about a business? You can use different tools including Google Alerts; it’s a free tool which will send you a notification every time a keyword or phrase is mentioned in Google. This can help you keep track of your keywords; you can use other tools.

Image Content

Image Posts always get a higher engagement; the story remains same on every platform around the world. Landing pages with videos improve conversion rates, and videos are becoming an integral part of social marketing, but they have a long way to come to replace image content.