For Easter, I stayed at Emory and spent my first Easter away from my family. Since I grew up in a Christian home and regularly attended church, Easter and Christmas are both very important, so not going home to be with my family almost felt wrong. Instead, I found myself reflecting on the importance of my spiritual life while at college.

Instead of being surrounded by family on Easter I attended church with my group of Christian friends and then made a large Easter dinner (almost identical to the one my mom was making back home in Savannah) for us to all share together. As I sat at the table surrounded by people I love, missing Easter in Savannah felt less wrong because I knew I was with the people I am closest with and the people I consider my family at school.

While this year has been no walk in the park, the one constant was my spiritual life. No that doesn't mean I went to church every week or prayed every day.

There were plenty of days that I felt distant from God, but those were the days I sought out God's word.

Finding a Christian community has been one of the biggest supports in maintaining my spiritual life. I have gotten plugged into a local church that I attend regularly and meet multiple times a week with Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) on campus. I have found friends all over campus that love me, support me, and keep me accountable. I've found them in my music theory class, RUF, in coffee shops, and in my sorority. I've met some of the best mentors that I could ask for including one of our RUF leaders that is always available for coffee or a talk whenever you need it.

A year ago, I felt that I had a very strong community and support system and I still think I did. The community that I have now is just very different. Last year, I feel like my community was concentrated and focused in my family and the people I knew from church. Now, I feel that my community is spread all through campus and I have just met those people just by having conversations with them about their beliefs.

Having this sort of "constant" or just something that is comfortable and familiar has made my transition to school so much easier. Having Bible studies that I know I can go to twice a week gives me a little something extra to look forward to during the week. When Sunday comes I know that there is an Uber ride to church that is always a different adventure and then a filling service awaiting me as soon as I get up. I've made amazing friends, sisters, and future roommates that I know I will be close with for years to come.