Co- Written by Meghna Kamath and Sahiti Gellala

When you reach the final years of high school, the thought of going to college is an exciting prospect that sheds light on tons of new opportunities that one can pursue. Here's a compilation of some things we're looking forward to doing when we finally make the transition.

1. Discovering new interests

Colleges have so many extracurricular clubs and courses that one can take to widen their horizons. My cousin took African Jazz dance and Sailing in her freshman year at Boston University, and I can't wait to take similar unique classes when I join college! Although you do have to take classes that are mostly focused on your major, there is a lot of flexibility when it comes to choosing electives. Also, usually one does not have classes everyday in college, making it easier to explore different activities and passions in one's free time.

2. Meeting unique people

Unlike in high school, where most of the students are those you grew up with, college is filled with people from different cities, states or even countries! Having the opportunity to interact with people from different backgrounds and cultures helps to expand your own perspectives and create new memories together.

3. Studying abroad

In addition to just studying in your own country, you can also go abroad and explore new areas of study and cultures. You can finally experience what's it's like to live independently outside of your hometown. Most schools offer study abroad programs that transfer credit and financial aid, so you can travel debt-free. Studying abroad also give you the option to intern at international companies and sightsee on the weekends!

4. Interning with companies

The best way to get involved in your future field of study is to intern at a company that specializes in your field. If you didn't have the opportunity to do so in high school, you can be sure to find your dream internship at college! Colleges provide a great database of these companies and will get you started with your internship. Most internships are also paid, which allows you to spend your hard-earned money on fun college events like concerts and football games (but can also pay for textbooks)!

5. Discovering a sense of freedom

Sometimes, parents can be restrictive and have a say on where you go and what you do. But living in a dorm or an apartment at college gives you a different sense of freedom. You learn how to use your new privileges wisely and can make full use of all of your free time!

6. Exploring a different city

If you choose to study out of state, you will have the opportunity to explore a completely different city than the one you lived in. Every city has its own culture, a variety of restaurants, exciting events and a distinct vibe. Even moving to a different city in your own state can allow you to discover things you had never experienced before and make the college experience more enjoyable.

7. Learning how to take care of yourself

Let's face it. You don't really do much at home. But when you finally make the leap to college, you're pushed into the real world. Learning how to cook, clean and look after yourself really helps make that transition into adulthood. It gives you responsibility and helps you understand what it truly means to be independent.

8. Travelling with friends

College is officially when you're an adult. As part of the independence, you can travel wherever you want without constant supervision. In the company of your closest friends, travelling will be some of the highlights of college life.

9. Participating in college events

Some events like football games, parties, dance recitals and a-cappella performances are unique to the college experience. There's always an occasion to show your pride and have a good time watching talented people do what they do best.