Spend A Weekend In Petoskey, Michigan

Summer is a season of endless opportunities! You have much more free time while traveling and planning is much easier with the weather typically not getting in the way. In the great state of Michigan, we go through a lot bad weather days but when it starts to warm up everyone takes the opportunity to go outside. What better way to spend the outdoors than to take a road trip up north and explore what the great state offers! In Petoskey, Michigan it is about a 3 hour drive from Grand Rapids or 4 hours from Detroit. Petoskey is a wonderful little city right off the coast of Little Traverse Bay.

Spending a day at Petoskey State Park or even a few for camping is always a great time! You can even go to the beach or hike if you are the adventurous type. It is right off the bay and when summer time hits it is a perfect destination. You can even rent a boat and fish. Some will just want to relax while others will want to get down and catch some large fish. Regardless, it is always a fun time whether your with family or friends. There are trails all around for biking and you can even take the opportunity to just walk around. There is natural scenery all around and it makes it a wonderful place for someone who wants to just enjoy the outdoors.

After having a long day in the sun you can always relax with a beer or wine. Which ever you prefer there is a brewery or winery perfect just for you. There are a few breweries and also a multiple wineries in the area and if you have not been to one then I highly recommend going. You can taste test and learn about the process of making wine and/or beer. However, the scenery in the vineyard is beautiful and will make the trip well worth it.

This summer take some time out of a weekend and spend it outside at Petoskey, Michigan. After a few hours of driving the outdoors, it will make the trip worth it and so will that refreshing pint of beer or that special glass of wine!

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