For some of us, the summer before our freshman year of college may be our last summer to spend with friends, family and/or to travel spontaneously. It's a point in our lives where anything is possible, so we might as well make the most of it.

1) Spend it with your real friends

Don't bother wasting your last summer before jobs or school get in the way with people who you don't get along with. Go on day trips or hang around your town with your real friends, people who you actually enjoy being around. Choose to spend your time wisely, and you'll end up having more memories and better quality friends.

2) Start networking early

I know, this sounds like a boring way to spend your summer, but trust me. It's actually much easier than it seems. Join your college's class Facebook page and just wait for opportunities to start popping up. You'll be pleasantly surprised to find that by starting to network now, will pay off almost instantly. Having familiar faces when you start school will make the transition so much easier.

3) Work on yourself

This sounds extremely cheesy, but trust me it's good advice! Whether it's perfecting your college wardrobe to make a great first impression or if it's working on your social anxiety, it's important to be ready when classes start. While yes, you should be spending your summer celebrating with friends, you should also be spending your time preparing yourself for this next big step in your life. I know it can be nerve-wracking starting all over at a new school, but this time in your life should be exciting.

4) Enjoy the home-cooked meals

Some of us may be lucky enough to be going to a university with a highly ranked dining hall, but the majority of us will have to suffer with sub-par food for the next nine months. So during the summer before freshman year, make sure you take the time to eat the warm home-cooked meals that are provided for you. As cliche as it is, you really will begin to miss your family and the good food.

5) Travel as much as you can

Even if you're just traveling across your small town to a hidden gem or traveling across the world for a once in a lifetime experience it's important to see the world. Like I said earlier, this may be the last summer you'll be able to travel without having any obstacles in your way. Go on every trip your friends invite you to, go with your family to that dreaded family reunion or just go on a drive by yourself. Whatever chance you get, take it. Make yourself a bucket list at the beginning of the summer and check off each item once it's happened. Not only will this encourage you to be productive this summer, it will also serve as a reminder of all the fun times you had once the list is complete. Traveling is something almost anyone can do, it's up to the traveler to make the most out of each experience.