The few; the proud; the out-of-state...

1. "Why Georgia?"

If you're asked this question every time you tell someone where you're from, you're clearly an out-of-state student. You have a go-to response, and then sometimes if you're really feeling yourself you throw out a more elaborate explanation. If only "because I wanted to" was an appropriate response…

2. Above Carolina? Yankee.

If you come from anywhere above Carolina, you are automatically a yankee. As someone from Virginia, I can promise you, it's not the north. We say y'all, drink plentiful sweet tea, and love Chick-Fil-A...

3. Atlanta is basically your second hometown.

Only the reals know

You could've come to UGA never having been to Atlanta in your life, but now, you're an expert. You know the ITP, OTP, every surrounding suburb, and all the private and public high schools. Going home with a friend for the weekend? Odds are you're going to ATL. In fact, sometimes you feel like life would just be easier if you said you're from Atlanta.

4. The beginning is rough.

The beginning of college is rough for everyone, but out-of-state students are hit especially hard. Coming to a completely new place and oftentimes knowing no one is daunting enough, but add in that 85% of students here are from Georgia-- it's a new ball game.

5. You feel victimized by shortened Thanksgiving break.

Taking away the week-long Thanksgiving break is a bummer for everyone, but for out-of-state students, it's true heartbreak. You already can't just drive home for a weekend whenever you feel like it, and now you only get four full days for Thanksgiving break too?! Country roads, take me home….

6. HOPE and Zell? Never heard of her...

You are eternally jealous of Georgia students that are on HOPE and Zell, and wonder why your home state had nothing like it. It's no wonder UGA is such a great school; they're keeping all the in-state kids plus getting us!

7. Georgia was your best decision.

Sometimes you wish you were closer to home, around some more familiar faces, or could maybe pay a little less money. But in the end, you're so happy to have pushed yourself out of your comfort zone just enough to make the most amazing memories of your life. And, no matter which state life may take you to, you'll always have a piece of Georgia in your heart.