You Sound Pretty Basic Using The Word Basic

With the amount of social media that we use, we tend to pick up some slang. Although some are useful, some words that we use are just...ridiculous. Here are the top six that I feel we should definitely stop now.

  1. Basic - Let’s face it, you sound basic when you even use the word “basic.” Yes, that venti Starbucks drink with extra whipped cream and caramel flavoring sure looks good. But don’t you dare post a caption saying how basic you are on your Snapchat story. Just enjoy that large..I mean Venti-cup of coffee. How “basic” will you feel once you’re having to go to the bathroom every two seconds from drinking that coffee?
  2. Lol - You’re sitting on the couch, texting. Your phone goes off. You pick that phone up and check it, and type back three letters. “Lol,” you type as you make not one sound of laughter and not even a smirk on your face. Smooth, very smooth.
  3. Bae - Your best friend is bae. Your crush is bae. Your Dad is bae when he comes home with a milkshake for you. Your grandma is bae when she makes those warm cookies. That person who pulled the fire alarm to get you out of your class is bae. So, what I’m set to believe, is that everyone is a bae. I still truly don’t even understand what this means, as many say that this is short for the word babe or stands for before anyone else. So why are we using this term for EVERYONE?
  4. Yas - Just make it “yes.” The “e” is really not that far from the “a” on the keyboard. If Apple hasn’t already tried to set in auto correct to change that word into “yes”, than Apple...what are you doing? It just looks like a word that is meant to be screamed at a high pitched and obnoxious voice from the girl behind you in line.
  5. Lit - For the love of God...please stop. Do I really need to explain what this means to the kid that lives more on Snapchat than at the actual “lit” party itself?
  6. Gunnin - No, you’re not “gunnin” someone when you are trying to tell them off. You are just being rude, or what others may say is a “savage.” When you’re typing out that text message, how big do you feel when you hit send and your friends look at you and state that.
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