Creative Writing: Soul Sisters

Creative Writing: Soul Sisters

Chapter 6 of 8

When I was ten years old, two years after we moved to Hawthorne, the worst day of my life occurred. It was a normal day. I went to school, hung out with London, and came home. I found out that I had gotten the lead in the school play and my mom was making my favorite dinner— as far as I was concerned, it was the best day ever. We were waiting for my dad to come home to eat dinner. He had told us he was going to be a little late, so after an hour went by, we were not that worried. But two went by. Then three. My mom was trying to call him but there was no response. Then it happened.

The phone rang and my mom picked up.

“Hello… Yes, this is she… Oh my… No… No…”

She began to cry.

“Yes… I understand… We’ll be right there.”

She hung up the phone.

“What’s the matter?” I asked her immediately.

“Sweetheart, dad has been in an car accident.The doctors don’t know if he’s going to be okay, so we need to get to the hospital right away, alright?”

I just nodded and silently followed her out to the car.

When we arrived at the hospital, my dad had already died. I never even got the chance to say goodbye to him. It still haunts me to this day.

Right after he passed away, I dreamt of him frequently, but as the years went on, it happened less and less. It is for this reason that I knew the fact he was in my dream that night was definitely for a special purpose.

I saw him in my dream as if he was standing right in front of me— like nothing had ever happened and we were having a regular conversation. It felt so real. He was smiling his usual larger than life smile that always used to make me feel better, and wearing his favorite New York Yankees t-shirt and baseball cap.

“Hi, Pari” he said, calling me his favorite nickname that only he ever called me.

“Dad?! I… is it really you?”

He laughed his hearty laugh that could make anyone instantly happy.

“Of course it’s me, Paris! C’mon now, don’t you recognize your own father?”

“Obviously I do… It’s just that… This feels too real…”

“That’s because this is real! I’ve missed you so much sweetie.”

I was scared and really did not understand what was going on, but at the same time, I never wanted the moment to end.

“I’ve… missed you too. Why… uh… are you… here?”

“Well, I’ve been seeing what’s happening with London.”

“Oh” I said.

“And, I’ve been seeing what you were planning to do for her” he continued.

“Oh” I said again, out of lack of a better response.

“I know that you are scared about it, though, and I understand why you would be.”

He stopped talking as if he was waiting for me to say something, but I was silent. I did not know what to say. So, he resumed.

“Look Paris, I just want you to know that you should do it. You should donate your bone marrow to London. She needs it, and right now, you are her only hope— you can save her life. I know how much you care about and love her, and that you would do anything for her, so don’t let your fear stop you. I promise, everything will be alright. I’ll be there with you every step of the way. I know that you will make the right decision. I love you, Pari.”

I woke up, alone in my room, tears rolling down my cheeks. My decision was made. I knew what I had to do.

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30 Things I'd Rather Be Than 'Pretty'

Because "pretty" is so overrated.

Nowadays, we put so much emphasis on our looks. We focus so much on the outside that we forget to really focus on what matters. I was inspired by a list that I found online of "Things I Would Rather Be Called Instead Of Pretty," so I made my own version. Here is a list of things that I would rather be than "pretty."

1. Captivating

I want one glance at me to completely steal your breath away.

2. Magnetic

I want people to feel drawn to me. I want something to be different about me that people recognize at first glance.

3. Raw

I want to be real. Vulnerable. Completely, genuinely myself.

4. Intoxicating

..and I want you addicted.

5. Humble

I want to recognize my abilities, but not be boastful or proud.

6. Exemplary

I want to stand out.

7. Loyal

I want to pride myself on sticking out the storm.

8. Fascinating

I want you to be hanging on every word I say.

9. Empathetic

I want to be able to feel your pain, so that I can help you heal.

10. Vivacious

I want to be the life of the party.

11. Reckless

I want to be crazy. Thrilling. Unpredictable. I want to keep you guessing, keep your heart pounding, and your blood rushing.

12. Philanthropic

I want to give.

13. Philosophical

I want to ask the tough questions that get you thinking about the purpose of our beating hearts.

14. Loving

When my name is spoken, I want my tenderness to come to mind.

15. Quaintrelle

I want my passion to ooze out of me.

16. Belesprit

I want to be quick. Witty. Always on my toes.

17. Conscientious

I want to always be thinking of others.

18. Passionate

...and I want people to know what my passions are.

19. Alluring

I want to be a woman who draws people in.

20. Kind

Simply put, I want to be pleasant and kind.

21. Selcouth

Even if you've known me your whole life, I want strange, yet marvelous. Rare and wondrous.

22. Pierian

From the way I move to the way I speak, I want to be poetic.

23. Esoteric

Do not mistake this. I do not want to be misunderstood. But rather I'd like to keep my circle small and close. I don't want to be an average, everyday person.

24. Authentic

I don't want anyone to ever question whether I am being genuine or telling the truth.

25. Novaturient

..about my own life. I never want to settle for good enough. Instead I always want to seek to make a positive change.

26. Observant

I want to take all of life in.

27. Peart

I want to be honestly in good spirits at all times.

28. Romantic

Sure, I want to be a little old school in this sense.

29. Elysian

I want to give you the same feeling that you get in paradise.

30. Curious

And I never want to stop searching for answers.
Cover Image Credit: Favim

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I Don’t Pay 60K A Year To Find My Husband— That Investment Is To Find My Bridesmaids

Having a strong girl gang trumps anything "Brad" or "Chad" can offer.


Ever since I can remember, I have dreamed of falling in love with the perfect man. Tall. Dark. Handsome. Determined. In middle school, I even had a Pinterest board named "The Day I Say I Do" that had hundreds of pins of wedding dresses, decor for the venue and reception, engagement rings, and only God knows what else. My favorite movies were things like "The Notebook" and "The Last Song." I was a true hopeless romantic. Little did my sweet (and hopeful) young self know, that "perfect" Prince Charming I yearned for was extremely hard to find. In addition, Prince Charming, if he even existed for me, was not interested in me at this age.

Disclaimer: I am not saying true love does not exist.

My parents were high school sweethearts and I 100% percent look to them as the ultimate "power couple." But, for me, that didn't work out.

I soon found that all the time and energy I put into trying to be "good enough" for some stupid boy, I could be putting into myself. The tears I wasted and heartache I suffered were all for what? I decided for myself that I am not an option. My self worth is not and will never be defined by the opinion of someone else, especially not some guy that I found "cute."

I started doing things that made me truly happy. I've always been extroverted, so hanging out with friends more often energized me and was refreshing for my soul. I worried less about how I looked and more about how I felt and how I was making others around me feel.

I truly believe now that finding good friends in college is absolutely a priority compared to looking for someone to marry. Who's going to go with you to get your nails done? Who will give you an honest opinion of the eleven different screenshots of discounted dresses that you want to order for the next date party that is actually in just a few days so you need them to reply immediately? Who will help you stick to (or cheat) your spring break diet? Who is going to fix your eyeliner after you've screwed it up five times? Who will let you raid their closet, try on every outfit, just to put on what you originally had on? Answer: your girls.

I could not be more thankful for the girl's that my freshman year of college gave me. Whether it's the girls across the hall who knock on the door half past midnight to borrow the salt shaker, or the girls in chemistry class who all simultaneously write notes with colored pens, or the girls I know have my back any day of the week, no matter what and no matter where.

After all, I'm willing to wait on God's timing for the perfect guy for me, considering if that is in his plan for me. In the meantime, however, I'll hang with my girls.

I refuse to surrender my sovereignty and settle for anything less than what I deserve. Plus, if "girls just wanna have fun" that sounds a whole lot better to me than stressing over trying to get someone in the male species to like me.

...Maybe I'll look for my husband in graduate school.

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