Where You'd Be Sorted If Your College Major Decided Your Hogwarts House
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Where You'd Be Sorted If Your College Major Decided Your Hogwarts House

Although you'll never be placed into your House by the Sorting Hat, your major can predict where you'd end up.

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When we were 10, we patiently waited all day, every day for an owl to appear at our doorstep and deliver to us our letters from Hogwarts. Unfortunately, that day never came. But eight years later, something else came: our college acceptances. Although we’ll never be declared into our rightful houses by the infamous Sorting Hat, we do–less excitingly–get to declare our majors!

When choosing your major, what you decide to do with your academic career can say a lot about your personality. Similarly, what Hogwarts House – Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff – you get sorted into, also says a lot about your personality. Through analysis of personality traits commonly associated with specific college majors, one can predict which Hogwarts House an individual would most likely be sorted into.

1. Advertising - Slytherin

Slytherin. If you’ve ever watched "Mad Men," then you’d know why advertising is for Slytherins. Especially in the 1960s, advertising seemed to be the devil’s work. It targets people, especially the working class, into buying things they probably don’t need. Advertising runs on the idea that you need what you don’t have and therefore, should go and buy it to make yourself happy. In theory, it takes a conniving mind to persuade people that they want something they didn’t know they wanted.

3. Business - Gryffindor

Depending on what school you go to, if you want to major in business, then you major in business. What makes you Gryffindor is what you do with the degree after you graduate. In all reality, going into business is a risk. Businessmen/women and entrepreneurs have to make daring and on the spot decisions that benefit themselves, employees and customers. Sometimes it’s stressful and you’re going to make people unhappy. It requires nerve and bravery in believing what you’re doing is for the best.

4. Classics - Hufflepuff

Like anthropology, classics focus on people. But beyond people, it focuses on art, literature, language and archeology. It requires an appreciation for ancient history. With a specific focus on the Greek and Roman worlds, students learn the concepts of civilization and government created by these societies. They must decipher what worked well and what didn’t. Students must keep an open-mind, thus requiring a great sense of tolerance and acceptance.

5. Communication - Slytherin

Within communication studies, there are usually different pathways or concentrations a student can pursue. These different pathways most commonly include media, interpersonal relationships and/or rhetoric. What these three pathways have in common is, you have to know how to talk to people. (Duh, it’s called communications for a reason.) Especially when it comes to rhetoric, which usually requires classes based on public speaking, argumentation, and persuasion, a Slytherin’s sharp tongue is perfect for the job.

6. Computer Science - Ravenclaw

In case you didn’t know, Ravenclaws love their books. But the year is 2018, so by now they probably love computers just as much. They’re the try-hards of the school; the ones who maintain a 4.0 GPA. Complex concepts like computer science require students who are intelligent and willing to take extraordinary measures to understand what they’re doing and doing it right.

7. Criminal Justice - Gryffindor

In the Ministry of Magic, dark arts are considered especially heinous. At Hogwarts, the dedicated wizards who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite house known as Gryffindor. If you’ve never seen/read any of the "Harry Potter" movies/books, then ~spoiler alert~, it’s all about Harry trying to defeat Voldemort (a dark wizard). In the fight against evil, it makes the most sense that someone going into the criminal justice system would belong in Gryffindor.

8. Education - Ravenclaw

As previously mentioned, Ravenclaws love their books! Ravenclaw’s most prized qualities are wisdom, wit, intellect, and creativity. Students in this house are very academically motivated. For someone who loves learning and wishes to share their knowledge and original ideas with other people, education is the perfect field of study. You are not only expanding your mind, but you’re learning how to expand other peoples’ as well.

9. Engineering - Ravenclaw

It’s a tough field and requires not only a brilliant brain but a creative mind that can problem-solve quickly and efficiently. Although it’s extremely overlooked, engineers must stay intact at all times; in a field where anything can go wrong, it’s up to the engineer to come up with a solution. Being innovative in addition to intelligent and creative, make a great recipe for an engineer.

10. English - Hufflepuff

Being an English major is time-consuming. It’s back-to-back, nonstop reading and writing. With all this time at stake, one must be dedicated, patient, and willing to work hard. These are traits commonly exemplified by Hufflepuff. Honestly, Hufflepuff is the most underrated house in the "Harry Potter" series. In actuality, they’re incredible people. Remember Cedric Diggory? Not saying he would necessarily be an English major, but he was an incredible character and we all hated to see him go… possibly because he was portrayed by Robert Pattison. But that’s beside the point, like an English major who dedicates their time and efforts to their lengthy assignments, Cedric was a very dedicated and hardworking person as evident through the Triwizard Tournament.

11. Exercise Science - Slytherin

Exercise… we all hate it, except of course the type of people who want to major in it. To get up in the morning, work out and learn about working out (or other physiological processes), it requires a lot of determination and ambition. I’m talking Malfoy-trying-to-ruin-Harry's-life type of determination. Exercise science also taps into one’s self-preservation and resourcefulness. People in exercise science are in exercise science because they want to do something physically demanding as a career. To do this, you need to use the resources provided to preserve a healthy body and attitude.

13. History - Ravenclaw

History repeats itself, it’s all in the books. While taking part in their favorite hobby, learning, students are also gaining ideas on how to prevent or mitigate issues that could reoccur in the future. It’s like killing two ravens with stone, ya get it?

14. Journalism - Gryffindor

If Harry Potter were a college student, he’d be a journalism major. Not because he loves writing, but because journalism is a perfect cross between Gryffindor and Slytherin. Like Slytherins, journalists have to be resourceful, ambitious and cunning to get the information they need in order to report. Sometimes journalists are truthful, but sometimes they’re like paparazzi and will do anything for a story. In the assumption that all journalism majors want to be truthful, one must have a great deal of courage. Saying what you want to say, and publicizing your thoughts/opinions can sometimes seem scary because you’re unsure how the public will react. It’s a daring move, especially when your story can hurt a someone’s reputation. Due to the amount of bravery needed, like Harry, journalism goes to Gryffindor.

15. Linguistics - Slytherin

You speak snake? Cue in Voldemort. Slytherin is all about what you can do with that mouth, and basically so is linguistics. People in linguistics are able to quickly learn the rules of language and easily pick up foreign languages. Although linguistics is more technical than traditional Slytherin-associated studies, this theme focusing on how people use language to their advantage is more Slytherin than anything else.

16. Nursing - Hufflepuff

Most universities’ nursing programs are very competitive and rigorous. Therefore, one must be willing to work extremely hard, but also be fair. If someone wants to be a nurse, it usually means they want to help people. They’re dedicated, kind and loyal to their patients. A prominent example of this is Newton Scamander; he’s not a nurse but he’s viewed as a caregiver and protector to a large variety of fantastic beasts.

17. Peace, War, and Defense - Gryffindor

Ever heard of Defense Against the Dark Arts? It sounds the same, so it must be. It was a class that Gryffindors happened to excel at. Gryffindors are willing to fight for peace. Go to war for a cause they believe in. And defend what’s important to them.

18. Political Science - Slytherin

Politicians know how to get what they want; furthermore, they are determined to convince the public that what they want is what everyone should want. They claim they can deliver and we believe them. What they say sounds pretty and we like the sound of it. The ability to lace and extract words into beautiful sentences is a skill possessed by those who are cunning and clever. If there’s one field of study handmade by God for Slytherins, it’s PoliSci.

19. Premed - Ravenclaw

This includes your biology and chemistry majors. In almost all universities, the premed track is the most mentally demanding. If you’re going into premed, odds are, you intend to continue school beyond your bachelor’s degree. Unless you’re insanely money hungry, only people in love with learning have the discipline to spend X amount of years in a graduate program.

20. Psychology - Slytherin

Why major in psychology? So you can dive deep into one’s vulnerable mind. Yes, I’m looking at you Slytherins. To persuade one’s mind, you must know how the mind works. The better you can read someone, the far better you can manipulate them.

Now that you’ve read that list, here’s the simple breakdown. Majors that revolves around the aspects of risk-taking and courage are most likely to sort you into Gryffindor. Majors that rely on speaking and play-on-words will likely lead you into Slytherin. Anything academically rigorous will place you in Ravenclaw. Last but not least, majors associated with tolerance and loyalty would most likely put you to Hufflepuff.

Some majors make more sense than others. Some are difficult to determine because they include traits from multiple houses. That’s why these are just predictions. In reality, you may belong to a completely different house than stated. But until you get your letter from Hogwarts, these are your houses for now.

Not happy with your result? Click here to take J.K. Rowling's Pottermore online test: https://www.pottermore.com.

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