Sorry Cam Newton, I'm A Girl And I Love Sports

Sorry Cam Newton, I'm A Girl And I Love Sports

Your "joke" of a comment could not be any more backwards and here's why.

During a recent press conference, when asked a question from a female journalist, Cam Newton-quarterback for the Carolina Panthers-replied, "It's funny to hear females talk about routes."

After hearing this comment, I was both shocked and outraged. Why is a female being mocked for simply "doing her job"? Even worse, why is it considered "not normal" to hear women comment about sports? As both a sports fan and a girl, I'd just like to say: Cam Newton, your "joke" of a comment could not be more backward.

Since the moment I was born, I have been a devout New York sports fan--including my love for the New York Yankees, Giants, Rangers, and Knicks. My childhood revolved around watching "Yankeeographys" on YES Network, "Greatest Moments" at the Garden, and ESPN highlights 24/7. Why? Well, this is the kind of childhood you have when you're surrounded by boys in a sports-obsessed family.

Not only have I attended a multitude of sporting events but I've also immersed myself in the games I truly love to watch. For a majority of my life, I have played competitive softball. From there, tossing a rubber ball as a toddler turned into complete throws from third base at the age of eight.

I had fallen in love with the sport that surrounded my childhood-the sport which every one of my family members either had a knowledge of or has even played themselves. So, tell me, Cam Newton, do you really think this is wrong?

Newton's comment about women "talking sports" emphasizes one such sexist generalization: that all women are clueless to both the game and its rules.

Therefore, a woman at a baseball, football, or hockey game cannot possibly understand what is going on; it is supposed she either got dragged to the event by her boyfriend, friend group or family or she came only to scope out all the "cute athletes." Not only is this stereotype inherently sexist but it is one of the most ridiculous implications hidden beneath Newton's supposed "sarcasm."

Some of the most entertaining fans I meet at games are women, who cheer, boo, and yell the same if not louder than their male counterparts.

By living away from home, it is more difficult for me than ever to go to the Bronx for a Yankees game. Yet, I've spent the last few weeks keeping up with my team on internet livestreaming. Most likely, I'm watching a baseball game in a room with more boys than girls, supporting my Yankees as game by game, they get closer and closer to their next World Series (I hope).

A girl who loves sports shouldn't be looked at as weird, or not normal. I've known this game all my life, I think to myself, who cares if I'm a girl?

My guy friends don't care. In fact, they bond with me even more because I can have simple conversations with them about strategy, what players are good or ought to be traded, and highlights. For a true sports fan, these are the conversations we should encourage--a greater understanding of the game regardless of sex.

So Cam Newton, laugh at me all you want. I'm a girl who loves her New York sports teams, and there's nothing you can do or say to take that away.

Cover Image Credit: Juliana Consenza

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5 'Ruff' Stages You And Your S.O. Go Through When You Get Your First Dog Together

From Scooping Poo to realizing you might love the dog more than you love him..

There's something different about the milestone "getting your first dog together." I'm not saying other milestones like buying a house or getting engaged isn't close to the very top of the list-because I'm sure to several it is.

But for me? Dogs are my weakness.

My boyfriend is my weakness.

So putting them both together is surreal, and I encourage anyone who is truly in love to get some type of animal (even if it isn't a dog) with your significant other. You learn what kind of responsibility they put into raising something they so desperately love.

You think you love this person all you're capable of loving them, then you see them giving all their love to something that is both of yours...together. It all becomes that much more special, and still to this day it is one of my greatest accomplishments.

I'm sure that will all change one day when I'm a mom or when I get married, but for right now I think I'll bask in the wonderfulness that is my dog and boyfriend.

Though it's a beautiful journey, it's a hectic one too. I believe this prepares you for what it will be like one day to have a family of your own, and even though it's exciting to get to go through some of the motions, it's tough, "ruff," and scary all at the same time.

1. You question whether or not you may actually love this dog more than your boyfriend

Boyfriend: "If me and Benjy were both drowning, AND YOU COULD ONLY SAVE ONE, who would you save?"

Me: "Well lucky for you Benjy is an excellent swimmer so..."

Boyfriend: " that wasn't the question. We are both submerged underwater, WHO WOULD YOU SAVE?!"

Me: "What kind of freaking question is this? Why would you ever make me choose?"

2. The infamous "I took him out last time"

You took him out last time? Well, I cleaned up the shit that stuck to the bottom of my shoe two hours ago.


You took him out last time? Well, I picked up every piece of toilet paper from the hallway that he got out of the garbage, and every sock he took out of the hamper.




3. The "what's in your mouth?" game

I don't know why I feel like asking my boyfriend what our dog has in their mouth is actually going to get me anywhere because it never does.

Me: "Babe what does he have in his mouth?"

Boyfriend: "Benjy what do you have in your mouth?"

Me: "Do you really think asking Benjy is going to get us anywhere?"

Boyfriend: "Do you really think asking me is going to get anywhere?

Benjy: *Eats entire sock then shits it out later*

4. The first vet scare

The first time you have to take your baby to the vet (for something other than a check-up) is probably one of the scariest feelings in the world. It makes all the times you fought over who would take them outside or argued about what they were chewing (and why they were chewing it in the first place) irrelevant.

It's watching them shake as they go back to that room, and waiting not so patiently for what the vet has to say and if your baby will be okay.

To find out it was something minor that both you and your significant other worried about for no reason.

"Yes he did eat your bracelet, but give it a few days and it'll be right back out of him in no time."

At this point, neither of us care. We're just trying to hold back tears and get our baby back in our arms.

5. Saying Goodbye

One of the hardest and most difficult things you will have to do in your life is saying goodbye to a pet you love.

An even harder thing you'll have to do is say goodbye to a pet you love with someone you love. I think the difficult part is to imagine every stage of this dog's life you got to enjoy with your partner, and now it will continue with your partner, but potentially start with a new dog. It's weird to even have to come to terms with starting over, but telling each other that it's what your first fur-baby would have wanted helps a little.

Getting a dog with the love of your life will change it. It will make little things seem big, and smaller things look huge. The first time they go up and down stairs, to the first time they fall asleep on you with their belly facing up.

There are all these cute memories that you don't just watch alone—you watch with the person you love.

If we are this much in love, can you imagine what it'll be like when we have kids? God, I can't.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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March Madness Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

From Upsets to Buzzer Beaters

March Madness. My favorite month of the year.

For those unaware, March Madness is the month long NCAA Men's and Women's Basketball Tournament. By March 31st, one team will be cutting down those nets and celebrating in the biggest party of the year.

Ever since I was a little kid, I always loved making a bracket. Choosing teams with the best jerseys or the coolest mascots was my strategy as a kid, but now I focus more on what upsets might happen.

The BEST part about March Madness is seeing what underdog team can pull out a win against a team destined for victory. March Madness is known for its upsets, buzzer beaters, and shocking wins. A team's high ranking might not mean anything more than an easier schedule, but lower ranked teams have time and time again come out to shock the #1 and #2 seeds.

As a Freshmen at Villanova University, I'm ecstatic for March. The Men's team recently won the Big East Championship and received that coveted automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament. To make things even better, they are ranked #1 in the East Division--and projected to win the division. The Wildcats are hoping for 2018 to be there 3rd NCAA Division win, full of many more buzzer beaters.

With all that March has to offer, I'm excited to see the upsets and the buzzer beaters, and of course, how Villanova shapes out this year.

Cover Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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