Sorority Slang Stupidity
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Sorority Slang Stupidity


Sorority girls are smart, so why do we not talk like it?When many people think of a typical srat gal they may think of someone who loves to wear Lilly Pulitzer and paint coolers for boys. 

Sorority girls are so much more than this. We raise money for charities, build lifelong relationships, hold each other accountable during our college careers, and SO much more. So why do so many of us converse like we are idiots? Some of the phrases constantly coming out of soristitues’ mouths are beyond moronic. Nationally, 71% of all fraternity and sorority members graduate, compared to only 50% of non-members graduating. The All fraternity and sorority GPA is higher than the overall collegiate GPA. Both women appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court were sorority members and all but two presidents since 1825 have been fraternity members. WE ARE SMART PEOPLE! Here are a few phrases we have got to ban from our lingo.

“I can’t even.”

You cant even what? What can you not do? Can you not breathe? Can you not handle something? This phrase may be my all time favorite. Countless times I’ve heard this come out the mouths of young women. Typically this expression will come up in conversation after a frustrating event happens or is discussed between friends. The only logical response is that you “can’t even” right? Wrong. Delaney’s boyfriend is being rude to her and she “can’t even”, Jaclyn has so much to study that she “can’t even”, Jordan roommates wont take the trash out so of course she “can’t even”.  This unintelligent phrase has got to stop, I can’t even tell you how much I hate it.

“Literally dying.”

What ever happened to laughing? Do we need to call 911? I promise no one who uses these words has died yet. Also, adding the word “literally” into this phrase does not make you sound more intelligent. So why do we say we are “dying” when something is funny? Shouldn’t something funny make us laugh and be filled with more life? This one will never be understood…

“Let’s go get froyo!”

Are you bored? Have nothing to do much watch Netflix? Of course the most logical thing to do when you have nothing else is make a froyo round. Public service announcement to srat girls, FROYO ISN’T THAT HEALTHY! Sorry to burst so many bubbles, but I believe there are so many sorority ladies out there who truly believe getting frozen yogurt is an act of kindness to our bodies and a way to eat chocolate that is as close to 0 calories as possible. Newsflash, its not, especially with the scoops and scoops of m&m’s we tend to add to the top of our little pink bowls. Next time you’re bored, skip texting all your gals and just grab some broccoli from the fridge.


“Jake broke up with Lauren”…. “STOP”

Stop what? Honestly there is no getting past this one.

Stop - to put an end, stop, halt to, finish, terminate, discontinue… and so on.

So what are we going to put an end to? Sorostitues commonly misuse this word on the daily. There really is no excuse to how simpleminded it sounds to have “stop” as your only vocal reaction to someone.

Sorority women are smart. Some of the lingo… not so much. We must put a stop to all of the stupidity.

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