With exams and final papers slowly finishing up and warm weather and sun-shiny days on the horizon, many college students are eager to end the school year and return home to their family and friends. And in many cases, I'm this student too.


It didn't really hit me until we had our last meeting that the faces I loved seeing so much every single week wouldn't be there to cheer me up every time I was feeling down. That many of us wouldn't be experiencing the summer months together, but hundreds of miles apart. That instead of living in the moments with you, I would see the pictures from last night while scrolling through my newsfeed. And that making plans was going to be much more difficult than a few text messages; we were actually going to have to plan something.

It's funny how our bodies become programmed to our daily routines. Although we love the moments while we are living them, we don't truly appreciate them until they are gone.

So to my sorority sisters leaving for summer vacation...

Thank you for making this past year amazing. I honestly don't think I could have gotten through this year without you and your countless love and support. From late night study sessions that turned into life chats full of laughs to dancing the night away at our formal to spending every Sunday with you at our meetings, even when we didn't want to or had a hundred of other things to be doing, we were always there for each other.

I hope you all have absolutely amazing summers, from studying abroad to landing the awesome internship I know many of you have or to just hanging out on the beach or watching the latest Netflix series that you so desperately wanted to see. I know all of you will accomplish great things and I cannot wait to see what they are, even if it happens to be while scrolling through my social media. But when we do meet up, probably after our one hundredth failed attempt, it will be the greatest reunion full of laughs, pictures, the famous sorority squats, and so many memories. I can't wait.

Although many people don't understand the bond we have or what being in a sorority truly means, it's something I will cherish forever. And honestly, don't knock it until you try it, because I promise once you do, you will love every single minute of it. I mean, who wouldn't want to share a bond with countless women who will support you and love you always? It's a pretty special thing.

Once, always,

Your sorority sister