Every year, our new members do serenades for the fraternities on campus. My little was participating of course and I wanted to be around to see her enjoy herself. I had a rehearsal of my own that night but made time to run to my sorority house before she departed to make sure she had water and a scarf. I reminded her not to scream as she had an important upcoming audition soon that was much more important that serenading fraternity men. It was at that moment that I knew I had reached full stage mom status.

If you haven't seen my little in every other one of my Instagram posts, then I'm telling you something stupid we did last week or I'm texting her to remind her about our lunch date. We're together all the time. We're always complimenting one another, whether it be harmonizing to songs in the car together or hyping one another up on the internet. She is my world, one of my best friends, my worst enemy, my boyfriend, my hype man, my mother, and my soulmate. I would do anything for her.

Now, I know it's like so cliche. Ya know, sorority girls and their littles, ugh it's so fake, whatever. And I get it. Not every little and big relationship is what it seems (or as good as mine). Some don't work out as planned. Some end respectfully because of parted ways. However, I've never been surer of a relationship in my entire life, and I am thankful for being one of the lucky ones.

I never thought I'd be one to have kids. After having endured one big dysfunctional childhood, I was never sure I wanted kids. I figured I had only ever experienced divorce and that I didn't know what it was like to really raise a kid the right way. I was terrified. Until I received my little in my sorority. I have suddenly and without warning become a real-life stage mom to one of the coolest girls I've ever met.

Being a big is more than buying matching t-shirts and making sure she gets to formal on time. It's being a real mentor. I'm there when she cries and when she celebrates. I'm constantly pushing and helping her strive to be better all while I learn from her at the same time. We're constantly hyping one another up, encouraging one another to pursue what makes us happy, and there to catch each other when we fall. We even argue like mom and daughter. I love her like she's one of my own.

So, while little season is fast approaching and you may be thinking about taking a new little sister or brother in your sorority or fraternity, make sure you evaluate whether or not you are truly willing to put in the effort. New members are scared, often confused, and genuinely need someone in what is one of the biggest traditional periods of their lives. If you can't put in the time to try to make positive, constant change, try re-evaluating before seeking a little. The bond is unbreakable and can change your life if you do it the right way.