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When you are in a sorority you spend a ton of time with your sisters. From chapter meetings to philanthropy events you literally see your sisters every day. If you put the effort in to get to know your sisters, then it is nearly impossible to not consider yourself a family or be happy when you see them. Sometimes we can all get cranky.

I mean come on your sorority sisters are basically your boyfriends except with more estrogen. The only thing with a sorority is you can't break up with them. They are there forever, always connected. Once a sister, always a sister. But the same doesn't always happen with boyfriends.

My last boyfriend was the love of my life, or so I thought. But honestly, don't we all think the boys we date are going to eventually be the "one". My last boyfriend would make so much time for me and try to see me whenever he could when we first started dating. Eventually, he didn't have time for me anymore and his excuses soon turned into lies. And liars don't sit well with me, we are no longer friends.

But luckily we broke up when I was going through sorority recruitment. I am so unbelievably blessed to be a part of my sorority. My sorority honestly makes me happier than my boyfriend ever did because my sisters are genuine. You show me my worth and tell me that I deserve the best constantly. This is definitely a thank you to all of my sisters.

Thank you for showering me with compliments whenever I need them. Not only do I know that you all will shower my Instagram post with the most heartwarming comments but I know that when I'm down you will always pick me back up. Thank you for letting me vent and cry when I need to let it all out. I cry often but I know that each of you is always there for me.

Boys will be boys and make dumb decisions. You sat with me and just let me cry. I know you all have heard the same thing one too many times from me but it doesn't matter. You guys will always be there for me and support me.

Thank you for never judging my mistakes and always giving me your honest opinions. I know I mess up sometimes but you never judge me and listen to me with open ears. Even when I complain to you about something you always listen and help me as best as you can. When I ask your advice on something you don't tell me what I want to hear, but instead what I should know. Whether it be clothes or boy advice, you always give me your honest opinions.

To my sisters, I love you and I'm so glad we chose to be a part of each other's lives because at the end of a long stressful day, talking to you keeps me sane, calm, and positive. And to my ex, you made me happy once, but it's a good thing we are over because my sorority makes me way happier than you ever did.

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