Freshman year of college was like a dream. I was excited to start fresh, I was meeting so many people, and I finally felt like everything in my life was falling into place. I took a few hard classes, but my grades weren't that bad. I felt in control.

I told myself, "Wow, maybe college isn't as hard as people say it is."

I was wrong.

What people don't realize is that college isn't always fun. It can be so difficult at times that you just feel miserable. You might even question why you chose your major or career path.

I'm not saying that I hate my college. In fact, I absolutely love my school and I know I wouldn't be happy anywhere else.

It's just that when you go into college, you expect everything to be perfect like in the movies. College is supposed to be fun, right?

It is fun, but things change during sophomore year. You don't have as much time as you used to. People are starting to get internships and you feel behind. You just got here, but all of a sudden you're expected to take on more than ever.

Sophomore year sucks, mainly because it's a time of transition.

You are taking classes that are crucial to your major. Failing even one major class can make you graduate a semester later. You start to approach the upper-level courses in your major, especially if you're like me and got ahead on credits upon enrolling in college.

This semester has been awful, to say the least. I've never worked harder in my life. I considered withdrawing from two courses but decided to stay. It's still rough, but I'm not struggling as much anymore.

I'm getting back on track. How? I asked for help.

I'm lucky that my school has plenty of resources for students like me who don't know how to handle poor academic performance. I've been getting tutoring every week. My school even set me up with an academic coach. At first, I was embarrassed to reach out, but I'm so glad I did because it's teaching me skills to succeed during future semesters.

If you're in the same boat as me, remember that sometimes, no matter how hard you try, things are hard. That's okay. It will pass. You will pass.

If you're a rising sophomore and reading this, please don't compare yourself next semester.

Remember that this is your journey. Your friend might get that internship, and you might still be waiting to hear back from one for an interview. The kid next to you in class that you don't even talk to might be doing well on every quiz, but chances are they are struggling in another class.

Remember that a lot of people feel like this too. You aren't alone.