10 Chill Songs For Your Spotify Study Playlist

When I study I like to have some music playing in the background. If I play songs on my phone or television, I find myself singing along, therefore distracting me from my studying.

If it is too quiet, I find myself not being able to concentrate. So, I like to look up instrumental covers up songs up on YouTube that way I can have music without words playing. I thought I'd compile a list of songs for you to add to your YouTube study playlist.

1. Flashlight (Jessie J) - Violin Cover

This video is actually by one of my favorite instrumental YouTubers. Daniel Jang is extremely talented.

2. Just the Way You Are (Bruno Mars) - Quartet

3. Love Story (Taylor Swift) - Quartet

This song is a little fast paced, but it is still a beautiful cover.

4. Mean To Me (Brett Eldredge) - Saxophone Cover

Anyone who knows me should've been expecting at least one song of Brett's to be on here. This song is heartfelt, and I definitely recommend you listen to this right now. Mean To Me is a great song.

5. Perfect (One Direction) - Violin Cover

6. Say You Won't Let Go (James Arthur) - Violin Cover

The original song to this is a good one. James Arthur has a nice voice.

7. So Will I (Hillsong Worship) - Violin Cover

8. The Long Way (Brett Eldredge) - Piano Cover

Anyone who knows me understands why this song is on this list. This is by far my favorite country song, and just my favorite in general. For those of you who have never heard this song, do yourself a favor and listen to it. The Long Way is honestly the best and most romantic song ever.

9. What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction) - Piano Cover

This is an awesome video to watch and listen to.

10. You Belong With Me (Taylor Swift) - Violin Cover

Maybe you cannot handle music while studying, and that's okay. But for those of you who prefer it, I hope these songs help you while you study.

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