Sometimes I am not beautiful. Sometimes I am ugly. Sometimes my hair is a mess, my emotions are wild, and I hurt the people I love while I am in self-destruct mode. I don't think that is beautiful, I think that is ugly. I am allowed to be ugly sometimes.

Sometimes I am beautiful, kind, and giving. Other days, I am ugly, selfish, and bitter. That's okay. I don't think it is healthy to constantly be radiating positivity. I think it's necessary to sink deep into our negative emotions and allow ourselves to feel them when needed.

I think we need to feel insecurities and we need to be negative in order to detoxify ourselves. I think it is a cleanse to be these things. We need to allow ourselves to feel every emotion possible, in order to avoid suppression of it. We need to be human.

If we bottle up what we are feeling, we can become ingenuine. We are not being the entire extent of who we should be. We are not teaching ourselves how to be better. We are not making the mistakes that serve as lessons. We are living in a bubble of a false reality.

The importance of allowing yourself to feel negative emotions is undermined a lot by the constant urge to continuously look at the bright side of things. When we do this, we are lying to ourselves.

Masking negative emotions will only serve as disappointing and emotionally draining at the end of the day. Putting a façade of happiness when all we feel is anger and sadness can exhaust us. The pretending will hurt you every single time.

Today, take a step back and really delve deep into how you are feeling. Do some soul searching. Is there something that is making you angry? Face it. Is there something that is making you upset? Find a way to deal with the pain.

The more we allow ourselves to feel, the less we will have to pretend to be happy. If we face the vulnerability of ugliness, our beauty will no longer serve as a mask. It will be real. Do not be afraid to be ugly every once in a while. It's learning. It's changing. It's growing.

It's living.

Stop existing. Start living.