A Procrastinator's Poem

My idea for this poem came from earlier this week when I had an assignment to due. This assignment was due at 11:59 pm that day and I started it at 10:00 pm. Then my laptop started to act up and not want me to get it done.

Time is ticking,


Oh crap,

I have one hour,

Yet this stupid thing,

It will go no faster,

I have to get this done,

I can’t afford to fail!

Why didn’t I just do it earlier?

Why did I put it off?

Come on computer,

Load faster,

My heart is pounding in my chest,



Screen don’t go blank,

I didn’t turn it in,

I’m not done yet,

Come on you old thing,

Just a little longer,

A minute,

Maybe two,

Clock go slower,



Don’t freeze,

I just have to hit submit,

Come on,

Come on,



When will I learn,

To just do my homework,

When I’m given it?

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