Where is a good place to start when telling a proposal story? "In the beginning..." No, that is too far back.

Let's start a year ago.

I moved to Huntington University by myself. This is five hours away from my family, friends, and everything I had ever known.

I was a small freshman that just wanted to be a part of something on campus, and so, against my judgement at the time, I went to what we call "HU Opportunities." This is where a student can get a feel for the campus by seeing all the groups.

One stood out to me, choir.

I had sung solo and choral in high school and thought college would be fun. So the next day, I stepped foot into choir and into what was about to be, the moment God handed me my soulmate.

James approached me that day and we started a conversation that I was so giddy about. It ended with me saying, "Oh! I have always wanted to learn piano" and him responding, with a business card in hand, "I'd be honored to teach you piano."

This started the saga.

A year later I stand in front of the Chicago skyline, and looking down at James, bent on one knee, giving me his heart.

I said yes.

This was a moment I never thought would happen to me. I am now going to be someone's wife! THIS IS INSANE!

Although this may be crazy, I wouldn't change a moment of it. From the trips across the different states, the disagreements of music in the car, or the sweet forehead kisses, every second I have been with this amazing man that I can now call my fiancé, has been an adventure I wouldn't give away.

This is the beginning of a chapter in my life that I call, "fighting this world with my husband."