5 Quick Article Ideas For When You're On A Time Crunch And No Ideas Come To Mind

5 Quick Article Ideas For When You're On A Time Crunch And No Ideas Come To Mind

When push comes to shove, sometimes you just need to write an article to fill in the gap as you work on your next best hit article.

5 Quick Article Ideas For When You're On A Time Crunch And No Ideas Come To Mind

A quick guide to help when you have a deadline and an article you need to write:

Recent News

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As long as you are well-versed in what's going on in the headlines, you can write a quick article response to something you've seen in the news. And with the write title that talks about a current hot topic, you might attract a lot of views.

Bible Verses

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It could be you favorite verses, or verses that all have a common theme. It may take a few minutes, but with this one you might teach yourself something in the process.

A topic of your interest

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What interests you? Sports? Cars? Celebrities? Fashion? Video Games? Movies or TV shows? Music? Whatever it be, it will be easy to write a lot about it if you are passionate about the subject.

A comparison

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Make a comparison between two things; whether it be as simple as an interest (see previous point) or a bit more complex such as a comparison between cultures.

An article talking about ideas you could write for articles

Inception (Basically what this idea is)

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For when you are totally out of ideas, and especially don't have the time to write about them, write about some quick article ideas for people who find themselves in the same boat.

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