I didn’t write this for art or effect or drama — because I know who I am.

You know who you are ???

I don't know how to feel recently — it's interesting how things change you and I've written a lot about this. The past year has been weird for me because I feel different in the way I cope with events or things that have happened. What I went through in the past year was normal for a girl who's growing up.

Some people don't want to stay in your past.

I feel about our past together like it feels...

To lay freezing on an air mattress in a cold living room with someone who won't cuddle with you.

Do you remember? Because that's how I feel right now — I feel nothing. And, I hope you realize the coldness I felt on that night.

Remember when we were out with your friends and you were checking out other girls with me standing right there?

I feel like I bet it all and you threw in a dollar. I hope you remember.

Remember when you lied?

I never did and I hope you never forget that.

Some people don't want to stay in your past.

But, I’m a real-a** woman and when Drake said “I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry” I really felt that because I don’t love you and I never did.

All of it is chill until someone doesn’t tell the truth.

So, since you insist on not staying in my past, I wanted to say all this.

I didn’t write this to be deep — I wrote this because I don’t want to take care of someone. I wrote this because I’ve been writing, thinking, laughing and talking about it forever now and I’m over it.

I didn’t write this because I’ll ever take you back with a 3 a.m. call. I wrote this for me. I know it’s all cheesy, but I love my mom more than you could ever love me.

So, move on, like I told my friend’s guy from a while back because you can’t make up for leaving me out there or talking about other girls in front of me with a couple hundred words.

I always knew what he had, did you?